Monday, October 19, 2009

Tell Me...

Could you say no to this face?

Last week Kate came to work with her mom.

We play while her mom works.

I had a bracelet on my desk.

Kate picked it up and said, "Is this yours?"

"Yes," I said.

"Do you like it?" Kate asked.

"Why Kate? Do you like it?"

She nodded her head.

"Do you want to have it?"

She nodded her head again.

A little bit later she put on one of my rings.

"I wish this fit me," she said with a sigh.

"One of these days we'll get you a ring that fits Kate."


"No, not today."


"Okay, maybe tomorrow."

And then Kate said, "Don't forget! I'll call you tomorrow to remind you."

And she did.

And I took her and bought her a ring...just like mine.

And while we were looking at rings she said, "My bracelet broke. Can we get me a new one?"

Kate sees me for what I really am: a pushover.

* * * * * *

And in other news, here's an update (of the on-line dating variety):

At last count I had 180 views to my profile and 40 messages in my inbox.
Of those 40 messages at least 15 of them are from guys who don't speak English very well. I didn't say anything on my profile about speaking Spanish. I'm like a magnet I tell you.

I got a message from a guy named Matt that said this: "Hi. You work at a garden center? I need help with my lawn. Can you help?"

With that line, he's likely to sweep me off my feet!

Have a happy Monday!


Tiffany said...

1) Okay. Kate cannot be denied. Anything. How shmoopy (smallish and adorable) is she?

2) Is there anything that makes a woman feel more desirable than a request to tackle lawn fungus? Interesting tactics being used by the menfolk.

adrienzgirl said...

Oh my, she does have that face that just melts hearts huh? Good luck with that Aunt Noelle!! :D

Natalie Harris said...

Ohhhhh...please do NOT underestimate the jewel you may have in a man that CARES about his LAWN!!!! Now I KNOW that this online thing is not so pleasant for you...but there ARE stories...TRUE STORIES of times that it actually works!!!
If they all only knew how wonderful WE KNOW you are, you'd be swept away before dinner....

David G. Woolley said...

Matt, don't do it. Don't go down the lawn road. I asked about pansies once, and look how I turned out. Entirely eccentric. Friendless. Without any hope of recovery. Keep it plutonic. The weather. Politics. Religion. But don't ask about plants. No. No. No. Matt. This is the voice of experience. Stay away from any green thumb inquiries. It will only bring you heart ache. All this nice Aunt talk is sheep's clothing. She won't be buying your a ring or a bracelet. She wants you to think she's a push over. Don't do it Matt. Get your turf from Lowe's. It comes with a money back guarantee and free instalation.

Noelle said...

Geez Dave,

If you want to take me out, just ask for heavens sake! Don't hide behind pansies.

Sandra said...

Looking at that sweetie pie face makes me so happy that soon there will be a little granddaughter face looking at me just like that. And I am sure I will be a big pushover because I already am when her brother looks at me like that. And I always give in to him, so I just know I am going to give in when his sister wants jewelry. Because the opportunity to help groom another jewelaholic? Irresistable.

And it is good to see that David is still around somewhere. Hi David.

Camaree Staheli said...

Question on your online dating strategy - Are you initiating any contacts or just waiting for them to come and find you?

Happy Hunting! ;)

Kimber said...

I agree with Noelle, Dave. Don't hide behind your pansies and close coughing anymore. ASK HER OUT ON A DATE.

David G. Woolley said...

They were orange pansies. Orange!

David G. Woolley said...

...And she was going to charge $20 a flat. I got them for $12.00 at Country Store in Wood Cross. Twenty Bucks. Orange pansies. Don't do it Matt. Don't go down the lawn path. It may be green and inviting, but who you gonna trust to mow all that turf?

On-line-dating Busters!

Anonymous said...

I laughed so loud! OMG! I thought Kate treating you as a pushover was funny and then I read about the lawn guy. Maybe he was trying to make you feel in charge, trying to look hopeless in front of you, so you'd feel important!!! Whatever he thought, I am holding my sides here!