Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Would You Pick?

"Hi. I would love to hear more about your experience in Guatamala. Are you a member of a Gym? What are your top 4 fovorite rock bands?"

"HI I would love to chat and get to know you. I think you are cute. Thanks"

"There is no way you have never been married??? Unless you have a PHD!!! LOL"

Dear Mr. I Want to Form a Rock Band, (that's what he said in his profile)
What if I told you I'm not a member of a gym and I don't like rock bands. Still interested?

Dear Dstinson, could you be so kind as to put up a different picture? It's kind of hard to tell if you're a guy or a girl...I'm just trying to be honest.

Dear Neven...you're right, I've been married three times...I just thought I would get more results if I said I had never been married. Oh...and is a PHD a deal breaker?

(I'm still trying to decide if posting pictures of these guys crosses a line...I think it might.)

I do have a lunch date tomorrow with Steve. I think Steve is a lawyer. Steve is 44. Steve has never been married. Steve almost got thrown in jail once in Belize for not having a tourist visa. Steve and I actually started talking the last time I attempted this on-line disaster...He wanted to take me to lunch a year ago...better late than never right?

On to different things:

Some time ago Sam over at Life Is Beautiful tagged me in a blog. So here you go...8 Random Facts about me: (you're excited aren't you?)

1. I'm left-handed.
2. I don't love chocolate.
3. The clothes in my closet are color coordinated, and arranged according to style.
4. I am in LOVE with NCIS.
5. Every morning I wake up with a sore back.
6. Once I start reading a book I can't stop until I've finished it. (Even if it means staying up all night.)
7. I wish I could paint.
8. Okay...don't get mad. Seriously. Don't. I gave the gun back a week ago...I just wanted to know what you would do. (And giving it back produced the result I was hoping for...) I didn't give it back personally. A mutual friend gave it back for me.

And that is enough randomness for today. I'm headed back outside, into the freezing temperatures...to do inventory. I love my job.


Sandra said...

I absolutely LOVE NCIS. My favorite part of NCIS is Mark Harmon.

David G. Woolley said...

So what was the intended result?

And...I don't like being played like that. Already gave the gun back? Next time you ask our opinion on making green sauce or which boot to put on first before you hike Timp or how to build an ant farm, I'm not going to bite. You're eating a cafe rio burrito. You're wearing your boots right now. And you built your winter ant farm two weeks ago.

Nope. Aint gonna bite. That's the last advice you're getting from me honey. From now on ask Tia. She knows all about ant farms.

Noelle said...

Dear Dave,

Your advice was to shoot him. How on earth would I have benefited from that???

Thanks for playing though...and I'm guessing that next time I ask for an opinion you will give it. You can't not give your opinion.

And Cafe Rio...sounds good. You should take me there sometime. I think it's your turn to buy.

Camaree Staheli said...

I can't believe I am going to say this, but "ditto with Mr. Woolley."

I am going on strike - I can't believe you gave the gun back!

Noelle said...

Dear Camaree,

Remember how you were willing to give it back for me??? Please oh please forgive me...

And before anymore of you get mad...

I couldn't sell it. Someday the subject would have come up - trust me, it would have. (That's the risk I take when his best friends are also my friends) I can be a brat but saying "Oh...I sold it and used the money for ____" I just couldn't do it.

And one more little thing: the number of give it back vs. keep it/sell it was higher...it just wasn't reflected on my blog.

I love you all even if you're mad at me. :)

Sandra said...

Well, Brandi and I got to laugh, so it's all good with me.
But I still agree with David's original advice- but then you know how I feel about guys in general anyway.

Brynn said...

Until today, I thought we were so alike. I love chocolate and my clothes are lucky to make it off the floor. They will never be organized by color. And the gun...Well, I still love you anyway.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Yay - YOU GAVE IT BACK! I'm telling you - that sends the message loud and clear. Doesn't get clearer than that...and you get a guilt free conscience too. You won't regret it!

As for the photos...

Post them! Just put Bachelor #1...Bachelor #2....and Bachelor #3. There isn't an copyright infringment or anything - they DID post them on the internet after all so just be a chum and let us decide your fate.

Amy said...

I want pictures! Especially the one of the man/woman.

I'm glad you got what you wanted from the return of the gun.

David G. Woolley said...


I can can't not not give my opinion if I hold my breath and wear a sign around my neck: Keep Away From Sharp Objects. I'll send you the green sauce recipe. I've perfected it. Does that count for my treat?

So its all about getting a little more benefit than getting revenge. And all this time I thought you were more charitable. Okay. If that's what you want, chuck the shoot him suggestion and be greedy. Maybe he'll send you a self-inflicted wound to go with your pistol.


The proper term for Man/Women would be Girly Man or She Man. Stop with the backslash He Woman thing. Its bad grammar.


Do you know a good hit man?


Who is Camarree Staheli and does she have relatives in Springville? I'm not sure I like the "Can't believe I'm going to say this" attribution. Can I give Camaree some gun advice? Russon Brothers? Look it up.(http://www.russonmortuary.com/)

David G. Woolley said...


Did you count my advice with the give-it-back crowd or the keep-it crowd?

Sandra said...

David, I have a two sons that could kill a man with their bare hands. Oh, and one of them is also a sniper. Does that count? And just so you know, I have never used them. Or even thought about it. Just knowing it is enough.

Lani said...

Good luck with Steve:) And I will not tell ANYONE if you post the pictures. That would really help tell the story a lot better I think:)

Lani said...

oops- I forgot I need to ask you something about your guest post for M & M, and I can't find your email- can you email me when you get a second? Your post is running this Friday, btw:)

Anonymous said...

You gave it back????


Noelle! Can't believe you!

I'm right-handed, LOVE chocolate. Other than the GUN, which is a major thing, I'd say we match!