Monday, November 30, 2009

Angels Landing

This past weekend I was able to cross something off of my bucket list.

I hiked Angels Landing in Zion National Park.

It was incredible!

I would normally say to hike it once in my lifetime would be plenty.

(The trail could make a person cry if they were afraid of heights...and dying.)

But I promised someone I would hike it again.

And it's a promise I'll keep.

(my dad and my uncle Joe...I love how they are so much alike)

(Walter's Wiggles...the trail leading up to the trail head of Angels Landing)

(Dad and close to the edge as my dad would let me get)

(the trail to the top of Angels Landing)

(someone fell off and died the day before we hiked it...I'm glad I didn't know until after)

(my uncle told us we needed to show more excitement...this was our attempt)

(the view from the top)

(the view from the top...the other side...)

(Aunt Irene, Dad, me, Uncles Joe and McKay, cousin Jer...and a can of Diet Coke)

(looking at the trail from the top)

(I LOVE whoever put the chains up...)

(cousin Madi, me, cousin Lydia, and Aunt Irene)


Tia said...

You are a brave woman!!

April said...

Angels Landing is my favorite hike! Last time I went we played "no hands" meaning your hands cannot touch anything for the entire hike, it adds a certain thrill to the chain areas (you should try it next time) and we all survived so that was a plus. Every time someone dies up there I automatically think, who pushed them? Is that wrong?

Sandra said...

The pictures are amazing. I thank you for sharing them, because that is the only way I will ever see this view.

Yes, I am a chicken and hyperventilate just thinking about that climb.

Manda said...

I have two words for you. Coo coo!

Okay day I want to hike it. Just so I can say I was brave enough to do it. So when you go again, I guess that means I hope you'll let me tag along...

David G. Woolley said...

Awesome! And you look beautiful. You really do.

Megan said...

I did it once... we left at 4 in the morning and did it in the dark. On the way down when I could actually see it I was freaked out. Glad I didn't do it in the light! Who's cousin Jer? just asking ;)

Noelle said...

April, no way! I will never play the 'no hands' game!

Manda, if you'll recall, I did invite you.

David G. Woolley, I'm speechless. Thank you.

Megan, you want to go out with cousin Jer? I could arrange it! He's a good him to pieces...

bdahlberg said...

No Friggen way. I'll ride wheelies at 70 but there is absolutely no way I'd climb that.

Samantha Lauren said...

Yikes! That's incredibly brave of you! I claim to like heights, but I'd take one look at that thing and say no way Jose, hahaha. The pictures are amazing though! Thanks for sharing! =]

- Sam

Annie said...

La vista es preciosa pero te juro que aqui yo estoy mal, nada mas de ver a la altura que ustedes estaban. Tal vez, yo subiria pero lo mas seguro es que mientras mas arriba iria yo estaria llorando. Sabes, yo pensari si doy un mal paso hasta aqui llegue,jajaja.

Lamento haberlo escrito en espaƱol pero es la unica manera de expresarme mejor.

Que tengas una buena semana.

Matt, Meggan & Ty said...

I didn't realize you were down in St. George with the rest of the extended fam. I heard about that lady funny that you guys hiked it the day after. I used to be daring, but now that I'm a mom I feel like I'm the biggest wuss! Maybe one day I'll hike it! You look great!

Keith and Jamie said...

WOW, double Wow (WOW WOW)!!!! What beautiful pictures! You really are brave; about as close as I get to climbing a mountain is the line for space mtn at Disney! You are a true adventurer!

God did an excellent job forming the landscape...I am not sure I have ever seen anything so breathtaking! I really appreciate you sharing! The fam looks awesome...have a great week!

David G. Woolley said...

Okay. Close your eyes. This is a scary story.

After hiking Angel's Landing, in record time I should add, we were hustling down the first steep part of the trail. I think its called the saddle. Anyway, I was climbing down this wall and then the trail switched back a little bit. There were some scrub oak a little higher than my head and this guy walks past going UP to the top with a ton of climbing ropes. I say hi. He says hi. And then I take another turn on the switchback and rumble off and a good clip. When the guy with the ropes calls after me and says, "Hey, where are you going?"

I say, "I'm going down."

He says, "Where's your rope."

I say, "I didn't bring any."

By accident, I'd mistaken a little rain run-off gully for the trail. Another ten steps and I would have gone OVER THE EDGE from the top. He had just climbed the entire cliff and I assumed he was coming up the trail like everyone else.

He said, "You go any further and you're going to be flying."

Needless to say, I turned around and found the right trail.

True story. I still get a little thankful for that guy warning me from making that last dumb decision of my life.

Sandra said...

You see, David, there is a reason I am a chicken. Perhaps if I had someone to warn me or help me I wouldn't be such a scardey cat, but still.

But like Matt, Meggan & Ty since becoming a mom, I just don't do as many scary things as I used to.

Chuck and Eliza said...

I'm glad someone remembered the diet coke.

Tiffany said...

That's just wrong. Beautiful... but wrong. You shouldn't be there if you don't have feathers.

How is it you look so calm and relaxed atop that tiny speck of land... in the clouds?

Amy said...

Those pictures from the top are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, while I have to say the pictures are amazing and beautiful, and you're incredible for making this hike - you wouldn't catch me dead up there - my fear of heights kicked in just looking at the pictures! EEK! I'm such a chicken!

Thomas said...

Wow oh wow what an awesome hike and pictures

Looks like a very cool hike, maybe someday I can hike it

At least I was able to have the virtual hike from your pictures


Hatch said...

Platt! wasn't on my list, but maybe I should add it. Your pics gave me a little zip of adrenaline. I think I would feel more brave if your dad was there with me. You think he's game?

My real point for commenting is to say you look bea-u-ti-ful. The last picture is amazing. You look lovely and the back ground is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I am taking deep breaths. I sear my head just went dizzy for as long as I kept looking at those pictures. Dizzy. Really dizzy.

Noelle- you said "trail". WHERE is the trail?? All I could see was the height from below and then my vision would just blur.

I am scared of Utah now. :(

I'm breathing. I really am.