Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have some sad news.
Maybe you should sit down to read it.
I'm serious, sit down.
( probably are sitting down...that's what you do when you read something on the computer.)
Becca and I are getting divorced.
Isn't it horrible?
I thought things were fine between us.
I didn't even suspect she had any complaints.
Apparently I was wrong.
So wrong.
When I told her I was thinking about buying a house she told me I should do it.
She supported me.
She cheered me on.
She said that she was excited to move with me.
I guess all of it was a lie.
Because when it comes right down to it she doesn't want to move with me.
She is going to stay in her own home...with her own furniture.
And I will be moving into my new house...with just my lamps to keep me company.
With the exception of 18 months when I lived in NYC and she lived in Ohio, we've never really been apart.
Oh...there was that time I went away to college, but I came home on the weekends to visit her.
I just don't know what I'm going to do.
Now we'll be living an entire 2 BLOCKS from each other!
And to make matters worse, 95% of everything we have is really hers.
No divorce judge anywhere would agree to us splitting the assets 50/50.
She did go through the spice cupboard last night and take out what we have two of.
I guess that's something.
Oh...and she did say I could take the entertainment center.
I guess that's something too.
I've always thought a twin sister is supposed to stick with you...until marriage.
I've learned my lesson.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
I'll steal some cookie sheets and bread pans...that will make me feel better.


Brynn said...

That's sad, but now it will be all yours and all new. When will it be done? I want to come see it.
Have a house warming party.

Noelle said...

It should be done by the end of the week. We'll see...

Bec says she's going to throw me a housewarming shower...even when I have told her 12 times not to.

So if she does I'll be sure she sends you the info. :)

Thomas said...

Sorry to hear that is happening, I know about that word very well. Sometimes you do get blindsided!! Happened to me to a year ago, I too had no clue :( Don't let it turn you blue, life does go on :)

Noelle said...

Don't worry Thomas...I'm not upset at all. I was just playing around. :)

But I am sorry you got blindsided!!! Oh...and so nice to meet you. :)

Sandra said...

Even when you know it is coming and you are the one that initiated it, it still is hard.

But, new house, new carpet, new, new, new is good. And you get to choose what goes where, what colors, whether to get_____ or not or....

And I love housewarming parties

Noelle said...

Dear Miss Sandra,

YOU will be invited!!!

aynzan said...

It's going to be hard for a while I guess..but you are going to be Ok right?

Dominguez Family said...

Be sure you register for the shower. Send out cards with the invitations. Deans' prima did it when she bought her house.

adrienzgirl said...

2 WHOLE BLOCKS? Oh no! You are silly! You will be fine. I answered your quotes on my blog!

Hey housewarming parties are FUN!!!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I'm SO proud of you for buying a house. Exciting!

p.s. send me an invitation for the party. You know me - I'm always up for it!

Keith and Jamie said...

WOW...we actually know male twins that had to divorce. One was getting married and they had to split everything. It was a little sad; very seldom did you see one without the other. So much so, my husband would always ask, "where's the other half of you"? They actually purchased a house together and when it came time to sell, the realtor would not let the one buy out the had to be sold. It seriously was a divorce. I wish you the best... totally agree on the housewarming! Didn't the character on Sex in the City (played by Sarah Jessica Parker-Broderick)have a house warming party for herself? I think she registered for a pair of Jimmy Choo's (sp?) that were stolen...anyway, random tangent. have a Party, register for towels, dish rags, place mats, napkins, pillows and such...I am in for a target gift card!!!!

David G. Woolley said...

The financial world is on the brink and you're borrowing money? Fearless wonder you are!

Forget the carpet, the cabinets, and the cool shower fixtures with white ceramic sinks and Italian tile. Get the wood burning stove and double the size of the food storage cement bunker.

And don't list at target for the house warming, girl. All you'll get are some goofy towels and tupperware. Put your name on the list at TREN heating and cooling for a totally integrated standby generator. That's a house warming gift you can take to the bank, which you will likely be doing when the financial markets come crashing down sometime the middle of next year.

Happy house warming.

aynzan said...

Congratulations. I have something for you in my Blog - "My First Award"

Amy said...

Longest 2 blocks EVER. Good luck!

Amy said...

Ooh ooh! Just think of the stories you can tell when you update your online dating profile to "divorced". It's gonna be good.

rplatt said...

I'm a good girl I am!!! Just trying to do the right thing here, and Noelle felt good about me staying and her leaving!!!! I don't want to divorce her I just know it is the right timing. :) :) :)

Thomas said...


Your a good storywriter it sure read like the real thing haha Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

2 BLOCKS?? Now I am jealous!