Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

I've said it before on this blog and I will say it again...
I have the world's GREATEST friends!
Some of my best friends are people I met in NYC.
And although we don't see each other very often, we keep in touch...and I always laugh.

Last week a group of us planned to meet for dinner.
The group included Draper, Noble, Lewis, Fawcett, and myself.
Mitchell lives in Texas so he couldn't be there.
I got sick.
The mop bucket kind of sick, and I had no hope of recovering in time for dinner.
I texted my friend Kristie and asked her to take care of things for me.
Here's what happened next in my email inbox:

Well friends...I have some bad news. Our buddy & pal Noelle Platt is down & out. I'll let her give you the grodie-modie details at a later date. Can we please reschedule the reunion of our fabulous dysfunctional missionary family?I think she is secretly giving Mitchell more time to find a plane ticket.Such a sad day....~Kristie
* * *
Ok. For Kingpin (Mitchell), it is worth the wait.......:) (This from Noble)
* * *
What the heck! (Utah terms) Oh my hell, I just talked to her a 1:00 pm and confirmed.
(This from Draper)
* * *
Dear Potty-Mouth Draper,I know you're so disappointed you don't get to see your long-lost fav sister missionaries. But honestly....is hell really called for? :)I swear (hell), Platt is very very sick. You'll have to wait a bit longer to hang with us. & don't you agree with Noble...won't it be worth it to have little Poopie Pants Mitchell there? xoxo~Lewie
* * *
No doubt it will be very good to have Mitchell, the only problem is getting some free nights away without small children. Although we love them, we do love nights away.
Hell is called for more often than not. Frankly I think it's a little underused in everyday language. It's so much better used than some stronger more severe words.
We had a member of the bishopric, (ok he was the executive secretary, but still the bishopric) that said hell every time he spoke at the pulpit.
Platt couldn't pick up the phone when I called, but somehow she managed to text me a long text that said something about "wuss-itis")
I think she's really got a hot date and ditched us all for some married Guatemalan guy.
It has been a few years, several in fact, and I have to admit I was looking forward to seeing everyone. I will be very happy to see Mitchell, but as often as he makes it to Utah, hell may freeze over first (see a very appropriate, but un-vulgar, even Biblical reference with the use of H-E-Double Hockey sticks)
(This from Draper)
* * *
Brothers and Sisters,
I'm very offended by all this cursing. Me being a member of the Bishopric (Executive Secretary) of the Flower Mound 3rd ward takes offense to this. I would hope you being members in zion don't use this type of language on an everyday basis. Elder Noble is the only one amongst you that gets a pass as he hasn't sworn since he was a tender 14 years old. Enough said about that.
I would love to try and make a trip to Utah for the weekend to see you all. How bout everybody throw in and buy me a ticket. =) If not, just know I will be with you at dinner in spirit.

Have a hell of day!
* * *
There was more...but I'll spare you.
I may have participated in the conversation...but I can't say for sure.
My mom still thinks she can wash my mouth out with soap...and as long as I don't publish what I might have said, I think I'm safe.
* * *
I don't know why I think you people will care about what happens in my inbox.
But thanks for humoring me.


Brynn said...

All I have to say is Nice Denim Jumper!

adrienzgirl said...

What is with the "Oh my hell"? My sister lives out there and she says that too, you know when things are reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllly bad.

I call her JackMormon. She calls me Sinner, or Sinister, or maybe it was Sister. Anyway, you guys are funny! :)

Amy said...

Can I come with you to dinner? I like these people.

Amy said...

Oh, by the way, I was joking about crashing your dinner party - I would never do that. It's rude.

Noelle said...

Dear Miss Amy...

YOU would be invited any time!

achick47 said...

I am in Texas maybe Mitchell and I can have dinner at a Hot Spot and we can all link up on the lap tops? That way I can at least cyber meet these funny neat people. You guys Rock. So if all it takes to get an invite here is my "OH MY HELL" LOL. A greatgrandmother here in sunny Texas. Angel

Hatch said...

Funny indeed. But what first caught my attention (laughing) was the last picture...I think it was the last picture...looked like Mitchell had his arm draped across the sister next to him. (Double take) Oops, my bad. But can you see what I mean? Here's hoping your reunion happens soon. Cheers to NYC forever.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Your friends are funny! :D :D

I stared at those photos long enough! Cute!