Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Sun Is Still Shining!

I stopped at my mom's house this morning. I had a craving for a piece of homemade toast.

My mom makes the world's best bread.

I was dressed in something other than jeans and a t-shirt because I was headed to a baptism.

My dad walked into the kitchen and said as his greeting, "I'll sure be happy for you girls when high heels go out of style."

"Why?" I asked.

"Well they look uncomfortable and rather ridiculous."

Don't hold anything back Dad, tell me what you really think.

But I couldn't say it because I was laughing too hard.

When he walked out the door a few minutes later I said, "Have a good day. I love you Dad."

"Love you too. You girls want to tell me what kind of campaign you're on?"

(The campaign...and it's safe to tell you because my dad doesn't read my blog...unless I log in for just simply making a more conscious effort to tell our dad we love him. That's all.)

But he's suspicious...after my little sister told him she loved him this morning Dad said to my mom, "I sure wish I knew what she wanted."

Poor Dad...he doesn't know what to do with 5 daughters.

One more thing-

Tell me what you think of this:

I mostly like to play sports such as Basketball, volleyball, soccer, waterski, like to dance, listen to music, watch movies, watch tv, and hang out with friends. I also like to camp, fish, and travel too. I am looking for someone that will make me smile, likes to dance, watch movies and tv with me, quote any famous movie or tv lines, laugh at my jokes, is outgoing, is not shy, likes to have fun, makes me say "WOW" when I see her. If you can also know how to make me happy, that is a big plus for me. I will let you know about how to make me happy. I like the flirts, but messages are better, and will get on my good side--HINT, HINT!!! If you do this, I will respond to you.

Dear Mr. I Can Send You a Flirt But If You Send Me One I Won't Respond:

Really? You'll tell me how to make you happy?!! I can't wait!


Tiffany said...

Does that guy sound completely egocentric because English is his second language and not yet perfected, or is he simply a meathead? Hmmm...

I'll quote him a line...
"Whitey Black is a moron. I'm not even sure he has opposable thumbs."
Drum Eatenton.

Oh. You edited your post! Now my snarky comment about your online dating prospect is completely unrelated. On a more pleasant note, keep up the love campaign for your Dad. He's a lucky man.

Noelle said...

I put it back up Tiffany. :)

For a minute I thought 'maybe I'm reading it all wrong' but you validated what I thought so I put it back up.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Straight to the point. I like this one.

Flirts are for chickens. Go for the message...

and dust off your dancing shoes because he mentioned it twice.

You might be in trouble.

adrienzgirl said...

Um...if he can't make himself happy, he can't tell anyone else how to make him happy.

What a bonehead!

Your dad, five daughters and a wife. Poor guy! :)

Loralee and the gang... said...

I just want to show my appreciation for all of the great posts you write!
I have a "One Lovely Blog" award for you over on my blog as a little thank you- just hop by at

Mary said...

Honestly that guy sounds like he has never been married, which is good. But he also reminds me of a geek, possibly computer geek. Actually, he sounds a lot like my ex-brother-in-law; weird, arrogant, hasn't grown up yet, loves HIS stuff,and the love of dancing got him in trouble and led to his divorce.
I think it is fine to be a cynic on this one.

Anonymous said...

Your Dad makes me smile. :) :)

Please tell me this guy is not Jason!