Monday, November 2, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

(And there are a lot of you)

Dear Lungs: Thank you for not giving out on me. I should have known when Dad said he wanted to climb to the top of that hill that it would take 5 hours...not just a 'couple.'

Dear Dad: Merry Christmas. It's a dictionary. Look up the word hill and then look up the word mountain. See the difference?

Dear Mountain Mahogany Plant: Did you know your main purpose in life is to pull me up the mountain, and then to keep me from rolling to my death on the way back down?

Dear Oak Brush: If you had smacked me in the face one more time...

Dear Dad: Most people prefer a trail...not the face of the mountain.

Dear Huge Boulder: Thank you for not killing my dad. I know you wanted to.

Dear Medium Size Boulder: You should see the bruise you left on my ankle.

Dear Family of Super Size Boulders: Climbing over you to get to the top of the mountain was my favorite part of the hike. You were kind of a mystery...if I step here will you remain secure or will you send me plummeting?

Dear Dad: Aren't you glad I brought water and Whoppers? Next time I'll just assume we'll be gone all day and I'll pack lunch.

Dear Hands: I promise from here on out to bring gloves whenever we go with Dad.

Dear Rash On My Arm: Where on earth did you come from?

Dear Feet: Good job on the blisters. I'll give you a break for a few days.

Dear Soft Dirt: Thank you for providing a soft landing...every time.

Dear Dad: My favorite thing you said was "If I were younger I would just jump" (off a mini cliff to the ground below) and then you jumped. You are cool.

Dear Shirt: It was only one tear. It could have been worse.

Dear Knee: I'm sorry okay?!! It was either use you to climb the last stretch to the summit or die. And seriously, what kind of knee takes 2 months to heal anyway?

Dear Branch: The only reason I kept you in my mouth all the way down the mountain was because I needed both hands to negotiate the wash we were climbing down. And Dad really wanted to take you home where he could identify you. You didn't taste that bad. Thank you for not being poisonous.

Dear Snow: You taste pretty good but you sure make going downhill a little dicey.

Dear Muscles: You'll recover. I promise.

Dear Mom: Thanks for washing my pants. I would have just thrown them away.

Dear Dad: Thanks for a GREAT hike! It was my favorite this year. I couldn't ask for a better hiking partner and as far as Dad's go - you ROCK! (In honor of the rock we climbed all the way to the top to get.)


adrienzgirl said...

Noelle, that was too funny! Each time I read about your Dad I giggle at you. The gash in his head, the jump off the "hill". Funny!

Manda said...

Dear Noelle: Your body deserves the prize of the century for putting up with all of that. If you're interested, let me know.

Sandra said...

use the lotion I gave you on your rash. If you need more, let me know.

Amy said...

I like that you and your dad are friends. You're both lucky to have each other. :)

Annie said...

I like your post.

Have a nice week.

Lani said...

That is awesome. What a cool dad you have:)

Daniel and Elise said...

Oh man! That was great! I've been on hikes just like that :) I think a lot of guys (my dad included) prefer mountain faces instead of boring old trails! And the branch in the mouth, ha! Did he figure out what it was?

Anonymous said...

Noelle, I think I am going to start reading about your family in the "world news" section of the newspaper soon.