Friday, November 6, 2009


Have you ever known truth and wanted to share it with those around you?

Have you ever known that what you know could bless the lives of others?

Have you ever just wanted to shout what you know from the roof tops?

I'm going to give it a shot...a roof top shout so to speak.


Did it work? Did it convince you?

It didn't really convince me either...because sometimes I think he is a little bit funny.


If he thinks that I think he's funny...oh the comments he will leave then.

And Ben?

Brother dear?

Would you be so kind as to tell these people why I am NOT going to date Bruce?

Besides the obvious reason: he's old enough to be my dad.

(If you're confused just read the comments from the last post.)

I just want to say one more thing about Mr. Woolley.

He almost died once.

In this boat, on this river.

Dave, did your mother never teach you not to accept rides from strangers?


Bryan said...

I think it was Bruce that I would try and sweet talk into buying sprinklers from me up at BYU. It took all my creative genius to get an appointment with him and even then we got little results.

I probably should have mentioned my highlights, maybe then he would have called me back.

Noelle said...

Bryan, I LOVE that you just commented on my blog! :)

Now...if I could just get you to add your picture to my friends box...

Sandra said...

Hmmm, sounds like a story. I like stories.

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

I swear I would have thought Bruce sounded right for you too, if only you weren't already married! :D