Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Love Letter

Written by Grandpa to Grandma on their anniversary

June 5, 1945

My Dearest Vic,

Remember five years ago? Oh boy what a day. Quite a contrast, then and now. I think the weather was even different, at least it's been quite cool here today. This makes two anniversaries I have been away from you. Here's hoping we’re together next year, and a lot sooner than that, I hope.

I have been out with the Sgt. tonight getting a few parts off some wrecked trucks about 25 miles from here. Gee, it’s pretty country. Everything is growing so nice. We passed through several small villages where the houses are right to the edge of the crooked cobblestone road, and most people wear wooden shoes. The women out working in the fields look just like the pictures of these countries we used to see – wooden shoes and white bonnet.

The men cut most of the hay – orchard grass or timothy, with a scythe, and then the women, girls, and boys help rake it with long toothed wooden rakes. I believe there are more women and girls working in these fields than men. In one small field we passed, the whole family was out raking and piling the hay. One girl was going up and down between the piles of hay pulling a big wooden rake, built like our little garden rake only much larger.

I certainly wish I had a camera so I could take some pictures. They would be very interesting. A few guys do have cameras, and I am in on a picture or two. I hope I get them.

If once in a while, you feel a little pain in this letter it’s my thumb. I hit it a good one with the hammer, and the lower half of the nail is black. I guess there goes another nail. Yeah man, it sure does throb.

Say, but it would be swell to talk with you in person. Don’t you think so kid?

Here's hoping you had a happy day today Vic, but I also hope you were just a bit lonesome. I was, and riding out in the country about sunset made it more so.

I guess it all just goes to prove, I love you Vic,



Tiffany said...

What a lucky woman your grandma was. How lovely.

Benjamin said...

Grandpa's letters make me smile.

adrienzgirl said...

I love these! This was an awesome read!

Keith and Jamie said...

How beautiful...I am totally CRYING!!! Hopeless, well actually HOPEFUL romantic...
Thanks for sharing!

Manda said...

This made me think of that famous line "here's looking at you kid"...he was so sweet and loving...