Friday, December 18, 2009

Chapter 1

Did you happen to read Jamie's comment from yesterday's post? This is for you Jamie...and for anyone else who wants a good love story. Because it is a good one!

For as long as I can remember I mocked the idea of looking for someone online. I didn't mock it for other people...only for myself. The first time I signed up online I did it on a dare. I lasted for three weeks. After a couple of disastrous dates (my fault...not the guys) I deleted my profile and said, "There. I did it. I proved it didn't work for me."

Fast forward many months later. My relationship with the dentist ended...somewhat painfully...and I was completely gun shy about trying again...with anyone. I was at dinner one night with some friends and we were discussing the pros and cons of online dating. We agreed that we would all try it together. (As most of you know, I agreed mostly because of the stories I could tell on my blog.)

To say I got a lot of messages would be an understatement. I couldn't quite figure out what the big deal was. EVERY person who sent me a message said something about my looks...and to be honest, it drove me crazy. (Maybe I'm just weird.) I had decided that I was going to give it one more week and then I would delete my profile.

One day I was reading my messages and I found this one:

From all appearances, it sounds as though you have had a great life! Hopefully things will only get better :)...

I've backpacked into the Grand Canyon a number of times and have absolutely loved it! My two favorite trails are the North Bass Trail and Hermits Trail. Absolutely spectacular! You have set a worthy and fulfilling goal. Climbing out of the canyon is the challenge but totally worth it!

I love South America! I recently traveled to Ecuador and climbed a huge volcano called Cotopaxi. I ate in this authentic restaurant in a town that was really out of the way. We actually had to motorcycle to get there. I hope to do it again someday...wish I could speak the language.

Glad you liked your mission enough to mention it in your profile. I loved my mission as well and served in Iowa. I use the lessons I learned and the testimony I gained there on a daily basis... I'm going to ask a question, but don't feel obligated to answer. I would love to hear about the book you're wanting to write. Fiction or non?

You have an admirer...

Who wouldn't respond to that message? My little sister read the message over my shoulder and said, "He's nice. You better write this one back."

I agreed.

I wrote him back that same day and thanked him for the sincerity of his message.

Secretly I was thanking him for not saying one thing about how I looked. Good move Jason, good move.

* * * * * * * * *
Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

And I promise pictures of my house next week!!!

I'm headed to Jason's for the weekend...5 hours is a long drive...but the end result is worth it!


Daniel and Elise said...

This is the love story I look forward to reading more about every day (hint-an update on Jason every day would make me oh-so-happy!)
Some things are meant to be ;)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I have this feeling that this is going to be a book which turns into a movie.

All the great ones do.

Sandra said...

Couple of things from Brandi- She says be sure to brush your teeth.

Also, she saw Jason's picture and wants to guess what he does for a living. She said he either works in a bank or is a hiker. Or maybe he sells books.

Then when she saw the picture of you and Sami she said, "No offense but I thought she was young." When I asked her how old she thought you looked in the picture, she said, "Maybe 22."

Amy said...

I heart Jason.

Keith and Jamie said...

Awe...thanks for Chapter 1! I am in love...with the story; sorry Jason, I am a married mama! hey, but I know this G-R-E-A-T girl, Noelle, I might could fix you up with her! (wink, wink) I have questions...was there ever "emails" like in You've got mail? or were there phone conversations..Like harry & sally, or better yet...the vet and the hunk in The truth about cats and dogs...hhhuuummm (as I tap my finger to my chin). This might even be as good as a real know the kind your Grandpa wrote...melt my heart!!!
by the this becomes a movie, it will be really long; i hate it when they edit out the good stuff!!! I am waiting for more...

adrienzgirl said...

This is sooooo cool! I am waiting for Chapter 2 like on the edge of my seat!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be rude here, and in some ways, I think you'd agree with me, but may I just say that it's about time you two found each other? Halleleujah! :)

WesternSweets said...

I'm so excited!!!!! Speechless. I can't wait to meet him. And I'm so glad to know you have a blog where I can check up on you!! Love you lots!
Call me.