Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have You Seen My Sanity?

Maybe I lost it this morning while I was standing in line for 30 minutes at the post office. When it was finally my turn they wouldn't help me. All I wanted was a key to my new mail box. But no...I have to take a copy of something that proves I own the house where they are already delivering my mail.

Maybe I lost it yesterday when I called Comcast and asked them to hook up my cable. After asking me a million questions and telling me my options, and me choosing the option I wanted, the lady said, "My computers are down today. I can't help you. You will have to call back tomorrow." Do you wonder why they didn't tell me that in the first place? Me too.

Maybe my sanity got lost in the shuffle of me moving stuff from one house to the other. 95% of my clothes are in the new house...tucked safely away in my walk-in closet. The rest are in a heap on my bedroom floor of the old house waiting to be washed. I didn't think that one through very well. This morning I realized that I had nothing warm to wear and had to drive over to my new house to find a sweatshirt.

I'm still sleeping in the old house. I'm waiting for a guy to install the blinds. It should have been done a week ago...but I'm learning that NOTHING is ever done on time. Call me crazy but I don't want to live in my new house until I can block the rest of the world from seeing inside.

Maybe my sanity is buried under the papers scattered all over my desk. (Dear Me...remember when you used to be organized? What happened?)

Maybe my sanity left when I agreed to play a duet with my niece at her piano recital. She's 8. My part of the duet? I had to say, "Mom, what is this note? I forgot how to read the notes that low on the scale."

Lest you think all is lost there are a few things that I'm hopeful will restore some of my sanity:

I bought the COOLEST table to go by my front door...and I found the perfect rug to match...on sale!

I have a dad who actually understands IRS tax forms.

I deleted my profile on the dating site. (Oh don't get mad...I'll still have stories for you...trust me.)

Sandra gave me a beautiful watch! Thanks!!! (You should go here if you want to get yourself a beautiful watch...or something else equally beautiful.)

My brother-in-law understands the importance of measuring everything twice...to make sure things are centered on the wall. (That is huge in my quest for finding my sanity.)

And if I can survive the week I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a great weekend.

With that...I'm off to find my keys...oh dear...I'm in trouble...

Keys? Where did you go?


Tiffany said...

Stressors in Noelle's life-

Living in limbo between the old and new zip codes.

A mortgage.

Death defying hikes in national parks.

Interaction with "customer service" types @ the post office and Comcast.

A whirlwind social life resulting from a stint in the online dating world.

Participation in a piano recital. (Doesn't matter how old you are. Still scary)

No wonder your sanity has gone on walkabout! Way to keep your sense of humor. Very healthy. :)

Sandra said...

You're welcome. I do custom pieces if you want- just let me know.

Post office service. My sister just moved and can't get her mail because she doesn't have a mail box in front of the new house, 2 blocks from the old house. The post office and the developer are having an argument about what color of boxes to put in the development. In the mean time? No one that lives there can get mail unless they rent a box.

She also can't get cable or phone service 2 blocks from where she had them before. Go figure.

And I agree with you about the blinds.

Annie said...

Your post make me laugh, sorry.

aynzan said...

I too have experienced some kind of your sanity ..

Thomas said...

haha Great post, I think we have all experienced days like that

Manda said...

If you find yours could you look and see if mine is buy it?

Manda said...

I meant by*...that gives you a good example...