Thursday, December 10, 2009

Manzana Soda...Nothing Better

The simple things in life are what make me happy.

Like having a friend who goes to Mexico and brings me back my favorite soda.


Last night I was convinced there was someone in my house.

I searched everywhere and didn't find anyone.

Don't ask me what I would have done had I found someone. I didn't get that far in the thought process.

Maybe tonight I'll have a slumber party at my sister's house.

Dear Becca, can I sleep on your couch forever?


rplatt said...

You are welcome to my couch whenever you want!!!!!

Amy said...

I'm glad no one was there - being a grown up sucks sometimes.

adrienzgirl said...

What is that soda like? I haven't ever tried it.

Fun Times With The Chidesters said...

They sell Manzana soda at Smith's now. It's my favorite. :)