Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Many years ago Christmas found us on a dark road in Baja, Mexico. We were all piled into the family suburban and we had been driving the entire day. An earlier encounter with a speed bump had left the suburban without a back window, and a shower curtain secured with duct tape protected us from the outside air.

Dad was driving, and Mom was next to him, asleep. My siblings were sprawled across each other, also asleep. I was wide awake, staring out into the darkness as the miles passed. On occasion we would pass a home that would have one lone light bulb shining through the darkness.

The homes were small, made from red brick, and they were spread out with several miles between each one. One home stands out in my memory. Rather than having only one light bulb, it had a strand of colored lights...running from the front of the house to some point out in the middle of the yard. I remember wondering about that family: how many people lived in that home? Did they have a Christmas tree? Did they have gifts to open? Did they have enough to eat? Did they have the money to pay for the electricity to power that strand of lights?

Years have passed, and yet each Christmas season when I drive down a road and see Christmas lights shining through the darkness I think of that home in Baja, Mexico. I find peace in knowing that at Christmas time that little family and I are unified. We are celebrating the same thing: the birth of Jesus Christ. Our lifestyles are different, our circumstances are worlds apart, but in the thing that matters most, we are one.

Christmas allows all of us that be one with our fellow honoring the birth of He who makes everything possible.

May your Christmas be filled with His love...



Brynn said...

Thanks. That is a nice little reminder about the true meaning of Christmas. All too often we get wrapped up in the wrong things. Merry Christmas.

Tiffany said...


Thank you and Merry Christmas Noelle.

Kristen said...

Merry Christmas!! And what a beautiful reminder!

adrienzgirl said...

Merry Christmas Noelle! I hope you had a very Merry one this year!