Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snow Shoeing According to Me

And tomorrow you'll get snow shoeing according to Jason. You're excited aren't you!

First you need snow.

A lot of snow.

Once you have the snow you need the gear. (This is where to comes in handy to be dating a gear nut.)

You will need a destination so that you are not aimlessly wandering through the woods.

Jake's Love Shack and then Strawberry Rock were our destinations. Sounds romantic doesn't it?

It's helpful to have a grandma who tells her grandson 'You make sure you bring that girl home safely.' (After she told us we were dumb for going in the first place. She is truly delightful.)

And then...well...you just put one foot in front of the other...for a long time. And when Jason says, "Do you want to climb straight up this mountain?" you say, "Let's go."

And you'll fall a lot...going up and coming back down. And you'll laugh and Jason will pull you back up.

When you reach your destination you should have a thermos of really warm hot chocolate...and it doesn't hurt to have a really cute date to share the hot chocolate with. (And that's all I'm sayin' about that.)

When you're done with snow shoeing you need a fireplace to sit in front of, a down blanket to wrap up in, Christmas music to listen to, a couch to fall asleep on, and someone to make you dinner while you sleep.

Now... who wants to go show shoeing?


Benjamin said...

And the crowd keeps clamoring for more....

Tiffany said...

You are correct sir! Benjamin's got it right. We are clamoring. More please.

Sounds like a good time was had by all. So glad.

Tia said...

Sounds good to me! But can I have a different gear nut? Sounds like this one is taken... :)

Sandra said...


adrienzgirl said...

Laughing....cause I read the Jason version first.

I am thrilled you had sooooo much fun!