Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend Plans

I'm off for a fun filled weekend of snowshoeing with Jason!

(Assuming I don't fall asleep during the 5 hour drive to his house.)

I bought new snow boots...hopefully I wore them enough yesterday to break them in.

(Don't tell Jason. If he finds out I bought new boots he might strangle me. He has connections everywhere and probably would have helped me get boots for a whole lot less $.)

((Dear Jason...don't strangle me!))

Want to hear an interesting tidbit?

Once upon a time Jason's grandpa and my grandpa were best friends.

(We didn't know that when we first met.)

My mom has pictures of Jason's grandpa, and Jason's grandma has pictures of my grandpa.

(This is where you sing the song 'It's A Small World')

Thanks to all of you who said you would write a letter to my friend in Afghanistan.

My email is

If you want to send your letters there that would be GREAT!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Stay tuned next week for pictures of my house and maybe a post from Jason!


Amy said...

yay Jason!

Have a fantastic weekend. :)

Tiffany said...

What fun! Have a great time in your new boots. Its gonna be sooo cold.

"...what do I care, how much it may storm? I've got my love to keep me warm". Wise words from Tony Bennett.

Annie said...

Enjoy your weekend. God bless, you.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Maybe there will be a Little Mermaid boat moment....

(with fireworks and all)


Tristi Pinkston said...

I would sing that song ... but then it would go through my head all night. I think I'll pass. I will hum you the Twilight Zone theme, though ...

Manda said...

"There you see her...standing there across the big huge glacier that's going to fall. She don't get a lot to say, but it's cause her mouth is frozen shut. And you can't form a thought but it's because your head is too cold to think. Yes you want hot chocolate. Look at your frost bit hands, you know you do. Possible she wants it too there is one way to ask her. But you can't form the words 'cause you're head is really really much too cold. Breathe with me now.
Sha la la la la la my oh my look at your frozen feet, you can't walk no more. Sha la la la la la ain't that sad, ain't it a shame...too bad you're gonna lose your feet.
Now's your moment, standing in the frozen snow. Boy you better move your feet, no time would be better. She won't say a word and she won't say a word until you take her home!
Sha la la la la la don't you die, you know you can survive, if only for your girl. Sha la la la la la use those warmers, go on and thaw your digits, you want to walk. Sha la la la la la use your head come on and think it through don't wanna die up there. Sha la la la la la she starts to cry, don't want to let her die. You've got to save the girl. Why don't you save the girl. You gotta save the girl. Go on and save the girl."


Jason said...

Well, Amanda, it was more of a rock than a glacier... :)