Sunday, January 24, 2010

12 Things

They're not the 12 things I had on my mind on Friday...sorry. Just pretend that they are.

1. As soon as I have my dress in my possession I will post a picture. I am having someone make the sleeves a bit longer.

2. I went to dinner the other night with some friends. We went to The Cheesecake Factory. Not one of us ordered cheesecake. Something's wrong with that picture isn't it?

3. I'm always tired...and the minute I sit anywhere, especially in church, my eyes close.

4. Jamie, I made your cookie recipe today! MMM MMM GOOD!!!

5. My brother and I went to the Outdoor Retailer Show yesterday in Salt Lake City. (Jason has been working there all week.) I have never seen so much gear! I found about 6 pair of shoes I am pretty sure I can't live without.

6. Sometimes if I bring my laundry to my mom's house (I won't have a washer and dryer until Jason moves in) my mom does it for me. I have a pretty great mom.

7. My friends Tia and Lori should have their babies home from Haiti by the end of the week! My belief in miracles has been strengthened.

8. Jason and I are getting our engagement pictures taken on Thursday. I'd rather go to the dentist than pose for pictures. And that's the truth.

9. I'm reading a book called The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I highly recommend it. I'm forcing myself not to read the last chapter until I actually get to the last chapter.

10. My sister is asleep on the couch. I'm tempted to play a practical joke on her. Where does this temptation come from?

11. Last week I was in a bookstore and found a new book by my very favorite author. She hasn't written a new book in years. I picked up the book and showed it to my mom...and cried I was so happy. Real tears. Seriously...I think I need help.

12. I've been craving cheese sticks for about two weeks now. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally just go buy one.


The Boob Nazi said...

Cheesecake isn't all that delicious, so I see nothing wrong with that!

Leslie said...

The problem with the Cheesecake factory (if you can call it a problem) is that all their meals and appetizers and salads are so delicious and so LARGE that there is never a speck of room to eat cheesecake. So all the times I've been there I've only had cheesecake once - which is probably for the best since I've heard their slices are 1000 calories and up each!

Do tell who the author is that you love. I'm always looking for a good book.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

#11. Who is the author?

Inquiring minds like mine want to know....

(please and thank you)

Annie said...

Great list!! Sounds like you are little busy these days.

Have a nice week.

RayRay said...

I have this sudden urge to become mountain woman, and I feel like you and Jason might be able to help me out with this... haha.

Jamie said...

I am glad you like the cookies; I cannot make them very often or I would be 500lbs...we are talking serious yumminess!!!
I am not sure why you don't like for your picture to be taken, but there are a few occasions where you just have to go with it. Engagement, wedding, and first photo after your child comes into the world (never the best looking but definitely the BEST)! You and Jason are going to have fun, if not make each other laugh because that will make the photo shoot that much better! I loved being all dressed up and standing with "my man" are the princess, so flaunt it!!!
You got to love it when mom does the laundry...mime will be here doing laundry while I am away on business. I am so excited to come home to a clean house...moms are the best!!!

Tiffany said...

Those are 12 very interesting things.

I love that you want to play practical jokes. Very immature. I like it.

I feel the same way about posing for pictures. Typically, my upper lip begins to twitch when I try to smile for a photo. Not pretty.

The cheesesticks? Not so much. Although my daughter pulls them apart, puts it on wheat bread with a little garlic salt and some parmesan cheese and sticks it under the broiler. Not a bad snack.

I'm sorry you're tired. That makes being attentive and an active participant in church difficult. Plus, it makes driving a bit dicey. Be careful.

Can't wait to see the dress; I'm a total girl that way. Love all that stuff.

I agree, you have a pretty great mom.

I've been hearing stories about the Haitian children finally making it to their families. Pure joy. I pray it goes well for Tia and Lori.

Thanks for sharing the random bits of your fabulous self! Way fun :)

Hatch said...

Pretty please tell who your favorite author is, pretty please.