Monday, January 25, 2010

A Birthday, A Thank You, and a Bunch of Nonsense

Today is my friend Rika's birthday. She's new to the blogging scene, but not new to my scene. We've known each other for years...we go back as far as my NYC days. Isn't Rika a great name?!! Happy Birthday Rika! I love you lady!!!

Jason and I were talking last night and we realized that we only have about 7 weeks until our wedding.

7 WEEKS!!!

Do you know how much I have to get done in the next 7 weeks?

My list gets longer every day.

Jason only has two things on his list:

1. Figure out where we're going for a honeymoon.
2. Get me to kiss him in WalMart.

As far as the honeymoon goes I told him I didn't care, as long as we stayed somewhere nicer than a Motel 6. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to a nice, clean Motel 6 usually, but this time I'm allowed to be a little bit picky.

And all I can say about #2 is good luck's not going to happen...ever...for as long as we both shall live.

Okay, just a few random things and then I'm going to go and pretend to work.

Jamie, who I love and adore, is my blog BFF. (Don't worry, I can have more than one.) Sometimes we even text...that's how tight we are. I entered a contest on her blog and I won!!! She sent me a GREAT bag (I keep forgetting to take my camera home to take a picture of it) and in addition she sent me an Alabama Crimson Tide shirt. I'm a fan forever. This is me saying THANK YOU Jamie!

Yesterday my sis-in-law walked into the kitchen and handed me a cheese stick. (See #12 from yesterday's post.) Bless her heart.

If you go here you can see where we've decided to have our wedding reception.

And if any of you out there in blogging land have a MUST HAVE wedding invitation idea send it my way would you? Pretty please?

Friends, you're all FABULOUS and I hope your Monday is great!


RayRay said...

Noelle! If you are really looking for invitation ideas, you should go see my sister in Lindon. She has been doing invitations FOREVER and is extremely good, has tons of great ideas. Tell her you're my friend and she will hook you up. I'll give her a heads up too if you want. Her website is and her phone number is listed on there. Let me know if I can help any other way.

Amy said...

MUST HAVE invitation idea....think think think.....yes send one to your biggest fan! (or at least her mom....)

That is a beautiful place for a reception.

I can't wait to see the bag!

Leslie said...

I've heard of that location. There were some Wadleys in our ward I think when we moved to PG - makes me wonder if they are related to the owners. Anyway, it looks beautiful! Good luck with all your plans in the next seven weeks - I'm sure you'll get it all in.

Not to be a spammer or anything, but if you are still looking for a wedding photographer, my sister is AMAZING and lives in PG. She graduated in 96 so you probably didn't know her but maybe one of your younger siblings did.


Janae said...

Ah Noelle... in regards to your #2, I think you should try it. I think it's quite fun to kiss my hubby anywhere and I think it's funny when people look as we kiss in the aisle. Kissing in public is part of the fun of being married! :o)

adrienzgirl said...

Love the venue for your reception! Beautimous!

I always suggest Disney World as a fun destination for honeymoon. They have the ear hats for bride and groom and the couples are so cute together in the MAGIC KINGDOM!