Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Jason,

I think you should know that there is a very big chance that I'll never be anything but below average in the kitchen ... for real.

If you want to spend the rest of your life eating desserts ... I've got that covered. I'm great with desserts but anything else? Not so much.

Today your future sister-in-law asked me to make some Jello to contribute to Sunday dinner.

She figured it was a fool-proof assignment. Turns out it wasn't so fool-proof.

Once I had the water boiling I looked for a spoon with which to stir the Jello ... I didn't have one. (Do you have spoons with which to stir things?)

When it was time to leave my house I backed out of the driveway and the Jello splashed out ... all over my car. (I guess it wasn't set up enough.)

I parked the car and ran back inside. Alas, I had no Saran Wrap with which to cover the Jello. (Do you have Saran Wrap with which to cover things?) I found a grocery bag and put the bowl of Jello inside the grocery bag, and wiped up the Jello that was all over the front seat. But there was a part I couldn't reach.


And then just when I thought things were finally under control I couldn't get that dang garage door to shut. Seriously Jason...I'm going to throw that opener in the garbage. What good is it?

I had to put the car back in park and run in and shut the garage from inside.

And then guess what...I was late for church. Lovely. Nothing like the bishop's daughter showing up late for church.

So I guess I'm telling you all of that to ask 'Do you still want to marry me even if I'm a failure in the kitchen and I'm sometimes late for church?'

With great love and affection,

Your Fiance who you haven't seen in nearly 7 years.


Brynn said...

I can't believe you spilled jello on Jason's favorite car.

Sandra said...

Honestly, Noelle, I can teach you to cook. But you do need spoons with wich to stir.

adrienzgirl said...

I am cracking up reading this....

rika said...

i'm sure ALL this is why jason's marrying you. love it!

Loralee and the gang... said...

My husband grew up with a cafe cook for a mom, and very spoiled in the food dept. Before we were married, I made him the one and only dish that I knew how, Sweet-N-Sour Pork Chops. He still loves it, but he sure knows now that I can't cook anything else!

Loralee and the gang... said...

...oh, and I'm the Bishop's WIFE, and I'm still late to Church, too...

Jamie said...

Too funny...but we (your friends) tried to help out in the spoon department when we tried to send house warming gifts. So, make sure you register for the wedding and ensure that spoons are on the list.
Now, I too, am not the best cook...but you can learn, and I am sure if Jason can cook, he would be glad to teach you!
BTW...I will pick up your purse/bag on Monday, and I will be sending you a stuff headed your way!

Tiffany said...

Yay! Someone else with Jello issues!

When Rich and I were dating, I was assigned a jello salad to bring to our friend's big Superbowl bash. We had to eat it with spoons. The blasted thing never did set up. My first (and sadly not last) culinary humiliation. I still avoid the Jello aisle at the store.

I didn't really start cooking til after I was married. Don't worry... it'll come.

And I'm pretty sure Jason doesn't care about your cooking ;)

Lani said...

hmm.. from what I have gathered, he is definitely NOT one of those guys that marries just for one's JELLO-making ability. I think you are ok here:) But like someone else said, you definitely need to get some spoons. They are sort of important:)