Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Dilemma

Question: If the mortgage company can't find my information in their computer, do I have to pay the bill?

I'm inclined to say no.

However, if that's the route I take I'm guessing it will only come back to bite me, not the person who messed this up.



Sandra said...

I am guessing that perhaps your mortgage was sold to another company. It happens all the time. But, sadly, yes you still have to pay the bill.

adrienzgirl said...

Um....I'm gonna say you still have to pay. If ya don't....they'll just want it all in one lump sum with late charges later! Just sayin'

Jamie said...

I personally do not feel you should have to pay if they cannot find you; however, this happened to me, and they lost me up until 5 days before my payment was due...then of course they found me!

seriously, when we bought our house our Deed paperwork was mailed to the Bug Killer people. Luckly for me I was a customer, they were able to give me my docs...but the attorney that did the closing GOT AN EAR FULL (they were not happy by the end of the conversation).

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

This can only go one way if you don't pay that bill.

And it isn't a good way so you better pay it.

Thomas said...

I would say No!! But sad part is I agree it will come back to you, and it will be your fault and not theirs :(

Sam said...

I........... would pay it. But I'm a wimp. If you're braver than me, you could always give not paying it a shot. Live on the edge. :p Hehee