Friday, January 29, 2010

Haiti, Pictures, and A Funny Brother

I'll be honest...I'm having a hard time wanting to blog about my ever so simple life when I know that my friends are in turmoil. They have a plane, a pilot who refuses to leave Haiti without the children, and the children. All they need is one lousy signature from the Prime Minister...who isn't too inclined to give it. I've been getting a play by play report via text from Tia. We've decided that it's like watching a movie, and if we could, we would TOTALLY fast forward to the end.

* * * * *

In other news - yesterday was picture day. It was highly entertaining. When Michelle (the photographer) would say be serious, I would laugh. When she would say, "Jason look at Noelle" I would laugh. When she would say "Jason, kiss Noelle" I would laugh again. Poor Michelle. Poor Jason.

As soon as I get the pictures I'll post them...maybe, if there are any that I like.

Jason wanted us to match...kind of. He wanted us to buy new clothes. Yes, it was Jason who suggested we go shopping. We found him a shirt and jacket, and we found me a shirt that was similar in style to his.

I was at work for a bit before our 'movie star debut' and my mom said, "That's really not a you shirt." I said, "But Mom, I like it! I think it's a me shirt." (It is blue plaid ... ish.) She said, "Well, it's not like anything else you have in your closet." True...but I still like it.

My brother Ben said, "You know how they say if you wear vertical stripes you look narrow and if you wear horizontal stripes you look wide? You've completely confused me. I don't know if you look narrow or wide."

I cracked up...a lot. (Ben says some of the funniest things I ever hear.) And then I reminded him that he was late for his haircut appointment. As he was running out the door he said, "Noelle, you're my favorite - bar none." Sure I am...

Speaking of funny things Ben says...

Ben likes to make cookies...his son Josh likes to help. So when Jamie gave me a new cookie recipe Ben was anxious to try it. He brought some cookies in today but they didn't have as much 'body' as he was hoping for. I asked him if he beat the dough as long as Jamie suggested and he said yes. "But maybe the difference is that I used paddles with the mixer and not the wire things...maybe with the wire things you could...aerate the dough more."

Did you know that cookie dough needs aeration? Me neither.

And one more thing...once in a post I mentioned finding a book by my favorite author. Several of you have asked her name: it's Dorothy Keddington.

That's all I've got...until tomorrow when I post all about the bridal shower my aunts are giving me. My sister-in-law made up a game that's 'all about Noelle'. I think I'm nervous.


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