Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh d-d-d-d-d-dear! As written by the little sister.

(If any of you can name the movie that is the blog title, you win the prize)

Once upon a time...a few minutes ago, so not really that long ago actually, I was outside in the greenhouses working, minding my own business, when I got a text from Peach (the person you all know as nickname for her is Peach).

The text said, "Do you want to write a blog post for me today?" and my jaw dropped to the floor. Noelle? Letting someone else write her blog? So I texted her back and said "Are you sure?" she said yes, because today she's got nada in her head... and so here I am. (It's true...I've got nada today...)

I just want the blog world to know that I feel the pressure behind this job! I know how much you love her blog...heck I know how much I love her blog...and how funny you think she trust me I get that there are expectations.

I thought I should introduce myself. I am the baby of the when I was born, everyone loved me!! Haha...I crack myself up. I'm a little bit silly...I'll give you an example. Once upon another time, me and some friends were at Noelle's and Becca's house (you know, before the painful divorce...which was hard on me too! It's so hard to get sister time in with both of them when they don't live together anymore...)

Anyway, we were at their house having scone night (cause Becca is amazing and makes A-M-AZING's true) playing games and such. It was fun. So I was walking into the kitchen to get another scone and happened to have a song stuck in my head and was singing it to myself.

It went something like this "I am like a star shining brightly, shining for the whole world to see. I can do and say, happy things each day, for I know Heavenly Father loves me." Cute song. I was singing quietly to myself, once again minding my own business...and when I got to the end of the song I whispered to myself "I'm a star!"

Realizing I had said it out loud, I looked around to make sure no one had heard me. Much to my dismay Noelle had heard and was laughing so hard! She proceeded to tell everyone else what I had just done. Yay me?

I have
NEVER lived that down. I still get teased about it constantly. So now I've made it my theme for life. "You're a star." I have a sign in my room that says "Each of us is a star who's brightness is unlimited." So I want all of you to remember that! You're all stars! And you have a lot of brightness!!

I actually think that looks a little creepy...but oh well. There you go!

So now you know a little bit about me. Merry Christmas!

I could tell you some dirt on Noelle...that could be fun!

Ummm... Hmmm.... Well.... Gee, I guess I don't have dirt on Noelle...that's too bad. I'll have to think about it.

I could tell you about how my work gets WAY too's like taking a dirt bath every day. But I know Noelle has already talked about work.

I could tell you about how I took a Math test yesterday and how I hate Math and it's evil!

I could tell you about how...the last two weeks I have taken my boyfriend Aaron to the Driver License Division to get his D.L. renewed and since he's from another state he needed a bunch of crap... (Manda Lou, Mom is going to wash your mouth out with soap for using that word!) like his Passport or Birth Certificate. And last week he forgot BOTH of them. And we didn't have time to try again before he had to work and I had class.

So yesterday we took the copy of his B.C. that his mom sent us down...but what do you know. They don't accept copies. Only the original. *sigh* But Mr. Man Behind the Desk was nice and said if we came back before 4:00 he would give us an "express" number to hurry our process. So we rushed back to his apartment, got his Passport, and went back. Then the long process of waiting...but! It's done and he has his temporary license. Yay! :)

I could tell you...about Jason's farmer tan on his arms...hehe. (Are little sisters always bratty?) (I am not a brat!!!!!!)

I could tell you...about how I was their chaperon (I don't know how to spell that right now) during the Christmas break and every time they got too sappy I would "fall asleep" and start snoring really loud. That was fun. (Self assigned chaperon...)

I could tell you...that Noelle just told me that I was done. I've reached my limit. Finito. No mas. *sigh* Just as I was having fun too.

Well blog world/follower/stalkers of Noelle's blog, it's been fun. I hope I didn't bore you too much...and I hope you enjoyed it and at least got one laugh...even if it was just a tiny, eensy, bity, teeny laugh? A one syllable laugh? Alright I'd even take a sympathy least it's something...right? Right?! *sigh*

Alright, have a good day! Have fun and be happy! And remember! You're all stars in my book!!!!!!


Tiffany said...

Very fun :)

Once upon a time, my darling sister in law stepped up and appointed herself the 'nasty sheriff' for the eternal benefit of me and my intended.

She never snored... she would just physically insert herself between us if she felt we were sitting too closely on the couch. Not nearly as subtle as snoring.

Thanks youngest sis... you made me laugh! Well done.

Movie Trivia: Pooh's Grand Adventure?

Jamie said...

My Friends Tigger & Pooh (Although, Piglet is referenced as saying this particular line in Most of the Pooh movies, except for the first one...since he was not in it, supposedly)

Good job little sister...Thanks for reminding us we are all Stars! Sometimes we need a reminder.

Snoring is good...although a couple of kisses won't hurt! : )

Amy said...

ha ha ha ha ha! (just for you Platt)

Also, Drivers Licenses suck (you're mom's gonna wash my mouth too I bet...).

Christina said...

Yea, that's totally Piglet, in the blustery day one or something..

Great post!

Little sister said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed my blog. :D I had fun writing it. And yes...I guess I should have been more specific as to who said it. It's from the Winnie the Pooh movies and yes it is Piglet!!! You all win! Maybe if you're nice and give Noelle your addresses (unless she already has them...) I'll send you a real prize. I like this idea.

Tiffany...maybe I'll nickname myself the "nasty sheriff" for the duration of their engagement...I like this idea! Thanks!

Jamie...yes a couple of kisses won't hurt...but it's so much more fun my way!

Fugal...thanks for the sympathy laugh. ;) I'm gonna have to tell my mom on you!

Christina...ding ding! You're good! And thanks :D

Marci said...

i have a smirk...because i can picture you saying all of that and you have a smirk too!;D i think you are a star missy!!

Jessica said...

Ha ha, "I'm a star!" Thanks for sharing--that's going to give so many more of us ammunition to tease you with. ;) And why don't you have a blog Manders? Noelle could have just given you the start of your new blogging career.

Little sister said...

You know me too well Marci....

I need a blog Stewie...I know...I just don't have a life it's so boring!

Anonymous said...

Ah! i like little sister already! Can't believe they are teasing you about "I'm a star"! That is CUTE.

Little sister said...

Yeah. It was a good teasing. No worries. :)