Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Conversations (Pretend they're on post it notes)

Between Sami, my 2-year-old niece, and myself:

"Noelle, where's your wallet?"

"In my car."

"Go get it."

"Why do you want my wallet?"

"I want money. Go get your wallet."

* * * * *

Sami climbed up in my lap a few minutes ago with a piece of chocolate.

"Open this," she said.

"You want another piece of candy?"

"Yes...I love candy!"

Then she took my glass of water and took a big drink.

"I LOVE water!" she said.

She jumped off my lap and ran out the door.

As she was running out the door she said, "I love Noelle. I love Noelle."

* * * * *

Between my sister Heather and me:

"Noelle, I talked to my doctor this morning. He told me the medicine you're taking is the most common medicine they prescribe."

"Great," I said. "So that means women everywhere are feeling as awful as I've felt this last week?"

(I'm taking a new medication that is killing my emotions and makes me sick too. Lucky me.)

"My doctor gave me a sample of another kind for you to try if you want to."

"I am going to try taking it at night for a while, and see if that makes a difference," I said.

"NOELLE! You're taking it in the morning?!! NEVER take it in the morning. No wonder you've felt so awful! Oh...I wish you had told me this earlier...I could have saved you some bad days."

* * * * *

Between Jason and me:

"Jason, do you want to adopt a child from Haiti?"

"Are you serious?"

"Maybe. Do you want to adopt more than one child from Haiti?"


(Poor Jason...he doesn't know what to do with me.)

* * * * *

"Isn't 24 the best show ever?!! Isn't Jack Bower great?"

"Yes Jason, Jack Bower is great."

And then I burst into tears.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just...it's just that...I just miss Becca..." and then I cried some more. (Becca is my twin/triplet sister.)

And then I said, "I'm pretty sure it's the medicine I'm taking...sorry."

(Poor Jason...he REALLY doesn't know what to do with me.)

* * * * *

Between me and myself:

"Why do you watch this show?"

"Because it's entertaining."

"But you fast forward through half of it because you think it's so dumb."

"I know, I know...but I can't stop watching it."

"You really need to get a life."

"And I will...as soon as I see who Jake on The Bachelor picks as his one and only."

"I can't believe you just admitted out loud that you watch that show."

* * * * *

Between my sister's dog and myself

"You know, right, that I don't really like dogs?"


"Okay, if you know this can you tell me why it is you're on my lap?"


"Feel free to stay if you must, but there is no chance at all that I'm going to pet you."


* * * * *

One more between me and myself:

"Do you think people are bored of your blog yet?"

"Yeah, probably."

"Do you feel like you don't have anything to say?"

"Yeah, sometimes."

"Do you think people really care about the details of your wedding plans?"

"Well yeah...don't they?"

"Do you think..."

"Hey self...shut up. Do you like writing this blog?"

"Yes, I love it."

"Well then, that's all that matters."

"Right. You're right..."

* * * * *


Tiff said...

I love you!

Leslie said...

I love reading your blog - please don't stop posting!

Sam said...

Hehee! My personal favorite is the one between you and the dog. :p

Manda said...

Liq liq liq liq...

Oh who am I kidding. LOL LOL LOL LOL!


Brynn said...

A few things...
I want some money and chocolate too. Doesn't Becca live 5 mins away? Don't cry, just go see her.
And yes, poor Jason. Those hormones can make you crazy. I hope you adjust soon.

Benjamin said...

I don't even know what to say.

rika said...

hi love,
it is all that matters...but it's great plus that we LOVE to read your blog :).

Amy said...

:D You make me smile.

Christina said...

Gosh you crack me up. :)

Dominguez Family said...

Wow...you're nuts!

Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

Chocolate. You need chocolate.

And a StarBucks.

Have a chocolate and a StarBucks and call me in the morning :)

Jared said...

Jason -- Welcome to the world of womanly emotions!

Tia said...

I love your blog! And I love you!

Amber said...

I love the one between you and the dog and The ones between you and Sami!

Anonymous said...

I haven't forgot to write what I learned about SIN (Sisters Imotional Needs) I hope Jason is a strong man. I'll move it up on my list of to dos.

adrienzgirl said...

I talk to myself too. Like a lot. I answer myself too. Does that mean we are both crazy?

Jamie said...

Chocolate and Money...both make girls happy!! Medicine makes a girl sick...it will get better!If not, there is an alternative : )
The dog understands that you are not a fan, but he figures that if he sits on you lap, he does not have to act like he enjoys the petting! Sometimes they just don't want to be bothered. I completely understand.
If you watch the Bachelor, then you must keep me informed...I cannot add anything else to my DVR, so...just let me know if he chooses a nice girl or one of those "hey look at me I am on TV" kind of girls.
Jason-It does get better, and then once everything is better...it all changes, because the season's change. You climb mountains...you can handle it! If not, call me and you can talk with my Hubby...he is a pro.
I love reading, and definitely want to know more...like a picture of the dress, the colors, the theme, the venue, the food, the cake, the EVERYTHING...I need to know, especially since I live somewhere between 5-8 states away (depending on how you want to count).