Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Dinner

We just finished a dinner of sloppy joes and oranges. The adults are sitting around the kitchen tables (yes tables...we're too many to fit around one table) and the kids are splitting their attention between building a fort and watching a movie.

Gabi, who just turned 5, said she wanted to watch a movie. Grandma went downstairs with her to find the movie she wanted.

After a few minutes Grandma and Gabi came back upstairs. Grandma said, "Gabi, describe the movie to your mom and see if she can figure out the name of it."

Gabi sighed and said, "You know, the one where the guy has black lines on his face and he plays basketball."

We guessed but we had no idea.

Gabi tried again. "The guy has black lines and a daughter who wears a ballerina outfit."

Guessing...take 2. Was it a cartoon? Was it Disney? Was it really football and not basketball? (Yes, yes it was.)

Gabi's Dad asked, "Is it Radio?" And Gabi said with exasperation, "NO's a DVD."

Gabi tried again. "You know...the guy with the black lines, and the little girl who is the ballerina wants to paint her dog's toenails."

And as a group we said, "OH! It's the one with the Rock. What's it called?"

The Game Plan...that's what it's called. And it only took 12 adults 10 minutes to figure it out.


Jessica said...

I'm actually ashamed to say that I would have gotten that after Gabi's second clue. In my defense, there was nothing better on TV that night...

adrienzgirl said...

I knew after Gabi's second clue too, but only because I love, love, love Dwayne Johnson!

Amy said...

These are my favorite kind of guessing games. I'm just glad you eventually figured it out because games like this end in tears dangerously often. :)