Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Letter From the War

January 29, 1945

My dearest Vic,

I received your very nice letter and pictures in folder yesterday. Gee, I was sure glad to get them! You look better to me in that picture than ever, if that's possible! It is just the right size to fit in my shirt pocket and I am glad! That makes it so I can keep it with me always.

As for the news about Royal I. and Asceal O. I hadn't heard about it. Most of the letters I have received lately have been about 6 weeks old. This one of your really made good time

We are having more snow now and real cold weather. I imagine you are having about the same back there. I do know one thing. I would much rather spend the cold weather there with you, yes any kind of weather! I think I miss you as much as you do me. It seems to be unanimous.

I received a short letter from Forrest yesterday also, it was written Dec. 23 and he sakd he was planning to visit me, thinking I was still in England. I sure would have like to have seen him. I notice he is Staff Sgt. now too. That is sure nice. He's a swell guy.

Well Vic, it's soon been four months since I last saw you. That seems quite a while doesn't it? I wonder how much longer it will be. I hope not too long. Some of these boys over here have been gone for years. Things sure seem to drag on in this war. I hope the Russians keep going, and maybe that will help matters out. The news over here sounds pretty good right now.

Thanks a lot for the pictures. I am surely glad for them!

I am getting along fine. Still working in the motor pool and plenty busy.

All my love to you,



Tiffany said...

So sweet. This reminded me how not difficult my life is.

reedless said...

I would love it if you were able to scan the actual letter and post it. It would be fun to see it in his handwriting. What do you think?

Noelle said...

Great idea! Consider it done! Thanks Reed!

RayRay said...

i double-heart this.

if you decide to talk to my sister let me know, and i'll give her a heads up. (no pressure either way)