Thursday, February 25, 2010

For Your Reading Pleasure

A few days ago a package arrived from Grandma and Grandpa D in Washington.

Grandma and Grandpa D are my nieces grandparents.

My nieces talked all day about that package from Washington.

When my sister was getting Sami ready for bed that night, Sami (who will be 3 in July) said:

"Mommy, Grandpa D in the washing machine?"

My sister said, "What Sami?"

And Sami repeated her question: "Grandpa D in the washing machine?"

It took my sister a minute and then it clicked.

"Yes Sami, Grandpa D is in Washington."

And Sami smiled, happy that her question was answered.

* * * * *

My brother is working on getting his mortgage loan remodified. He's been talking to lots of them a very detailed list of his expenses.

He was on the phone yesterday with a lady who suggested that he renegotiate the terms of the percentage of tithing he pays. (Most members of our church pay 10% of their income to tithing.)

"Maybe you can talk with your ecclesiastical leader about changing the percentage," the lady said.

Ben said, "Well, we're taught in the Bible that tithing is 10%."

"That's a lot of money. Surely if you talk to your church leader and explain the situation, he will let you lower the percentage."

Ben tried again. "Ma'am, it's not between me and my church leader, it's between me and God and the terms are non-negotiable."

* * * * *

My favorite greeting card says this:


My cookbook says if I don't have 2 eggs, I can substitute with 3 egg yolks.

I don't think my cookbook understands my problems.


The Boob Nazi said...

hahahah washing machine. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Haha! No your cookbook does not understand ANY of our problems! Three yolks for just a week even will do just the right amount required for my painfully raised zipper to break open in total public eye-view. You know what? When that does happen, we'll post the picture to the writer of your book.

p.s. grandpa D wouldn't be too pleased in the washing machine, would he?

Oh! Also, i really like your brother for sticking to his principles- very very charming!

Jessica said...

Go Ben! That's awesome! And that bit from the cookbook is hilarious!

Dominguez Family said...

Dear Greeting Card Makers,
Thank you so much for being able to sum up our lives. Without you we'd be lost.
Most Sincerely,
Irony and Chaos

Little sister said...

I have that card...I love it!!

Yay for Ben. :) He's a good guy.

Can I live in a washing machine? :)