Friday, February 26, 2010

Quilting and An Explosion

I wish all of you could hang out with my mom...just for a little while.

She makes even normal situations fun.

I'll give you an example.

Most nights find us at my sister's house quilting. (My mom believes that all weddings should involve homemade quilts. We're working on quilt #2. It's beautiful, but I have holes in my fingers from the needles.

Last night we were quilting, discussing life's problems, when the house shook. Really, it shook. The windows rattled, the walls creaked, and we all just looked at each other. "Was that an earthquake?" we asked.

Mom called Dad who was two streets over, watching the Olympics. "Did the house just shake?" she asked him. He said no.

My sister got up and walked around the house, checking on her girls as she went. They were fine.

Concluding that it was not an earthquake we went back to quilting.

Later that night my sister-in-law called. "It was a gas leak. A house exploded a few blocks away." And when she gave us the address Mom thought it was the home of one of her friends. When we left my sister's house later that night Mom said, "Let's go see where the explosion was."

We couldn't get anywhere near where the explosion was. There were emergency vehicles everywhere. I'm guessing they had to call for help from the neighboring towns...Pleasant Grove doesn't have that many cops. We were nearing a stop sign and I said, "Let's turn left." Mom immediately turned her blinker on...but it was the right blinker. "Left Mom," I said. The blinker didn't change. "Mom, let's turn left," I said again, and then she turned right. "Okay, I guess we can turn right but now we're going away from the explosion." And then she started laughing...a lot.

"Noelle, that was left. I thought we were going left. Oh I'm losing my mind." A few minutes later she said, "I'm going to turn right." And then she turned left.


One time in Brazil we were driving down the street and Mom heard a ticking noise.

"What's that noise?" she asked. I didn't hear it. "What is it?" she asked again. I still didn't hear it. "Oh my word, what if it's a bomb???" (and she asked it in all seriousness.) I finally heard the noise she was talking about. "Mom, that's not a bomb, it's your blinker." Oh that lady...

End of Tangent

This morning we drove back to the explosion sight. Mom said that word on the street (and Mom's street is Curves where she exercises every morning) is that the home was very likely a Meth Lab. (But you know how women get when we talk...who knows what's true.) We pulled in between three news vans and some emergency vehicles and I quickly took a picture...just for you.

It's the best I could do. There was a cop there giving me a look.

Oh...and while we're at it, look at this lovely quilt my mom and sister made me. I think I'll keep them around.


Katelyn said...

Found you on Friday Follow!! Such a cute story about your Mom, but that is terrible about the house explosion!

Ria Thurston said...

Mom's and family are SUCH a blessing :) Following your blog from Friday Follow! CONGRATS on almost being married!!! I blog about Life as a Wife - come on by :)

Anonymous said...

Oh your mum is so fun! She could take ALL of my stress away!

Sad about the may-be-meth-lab explosion.

LOVE the quilt- preparations to D day when tailor-made look exquisite.

Courtney said...

what a pretty quilt! my mom has been trying to get me into it for years and i've been avoiding it. don't know why, but sometimes i wish i did it! new follower, btw!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

That quilt is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Your mom sounds like a blast!

And holy cr@p! That picture is scary!! Whew.

Sandra said...

I was down by there when the house exploded. Scary times.

I love quilting. I just made one for Donovan and Kristina. and I absolutely love your quilt. Such wonderful colors and the love that went into it will make it all the warmer.

I used to see your mom when I went to Curves in the mornings.

Tiffany said...

Nothing like a house blowing up to spice up your day. Wow!

Your mom is too funny. (Only the very special moms are turn signal challenged) I love that she cracked up :)

Quilting = domesticity squared. Who knew you had such needly gifts? The quilt looks very pretty. What a treasure!

Tristi said...

Oh, wow. That is seriously scary. But your mom sounds delightful. :)

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm starting a new feature on my blog where I highlight a blog and a blogger each week. I'm choosing you for next week. :) Would you send me a note at tristipinkston AT so I can ask you what you'd like me to put on there?

-stephanie- said...

Those quilt colors are beautiful!

and Holy Explosion!

trublubyu said...

that is crazy!