Friday, February 5, 2010

This Week In Review (from my journals)

1986 (I was 11)

"Monday I got a note from a boy that said 'I like you a lot! Do you like me?' His name is Brandon. That night he called me and he asked me lots of questions. I really like him but dad says I can't have a boyfriend."


"I was watching Oliver tonight and guess who Oliver reminded me of - you guessed it - Brandon. I still really like him but nobody knows I do.


"My wisdom teeth are growing in and they are killing me!"

1997 - in Queens, New York

"...last night Fawcett and I were sitting in Springfield Park - we were taking a break. A guy walked past with his dog and stopped to ask us what we were doing. We told him we were enjoying some peace and quiet. He said that we should probably enjoy it somewhere else, on account of a dead body being found there the day before."


"JaLae (Mr. Thompson and Me) and I had a really good talk tonight. She's an incredible person and I am so amazed at her strength!"

2002 - in Mexico

Monday - "When I got up to shower I had an adventure. The water heater is electric and twice in my 5 minute shower the fuse blew and I was left in darkness with cold water. Luckily my squeals let someone know to switch the breaker back on!

Thursday - "In this village of Tamaula there is no plumbing or electricity. Our options for a bano (bathroom) are the fields, the latrine at the school, and a little bucket we use at night when we can't go outside because of the coyotes."


"I'm sitting here on the couch at Rika's house in Las Vegas. Fawcett and I flew down yesterday to visit for the weekend and we are so happy to be here! ... My heart broke this week and I think it may take a while to recover. I don't want to write about what happened right now...maybe later. Let me write a line from a book I just read. In a way it expresses some of what I feel:

'There's a kind of holiness to love, requited or not, and those people who don't receive it with gratitude are arrogant beyond saving.' " -Marisa de los Santos


Last night for dinner I had a bowl of Fruit Loops and guacamole and chips. Sounds good doesn't it? There's a good chance my dad is going to kill me for harassing him as much as I do. Last night I called him to suggest a medication I saw on TV but before I could even talk to him I was laughing so hard I was crying.

"Dad, I want to ..."

"Don't do it Noelle...don't say it."

And then I laughed some more... "But Dad, I think this medicine I saw will really help."

He stifled a laugh before he said, "Noelle, I'm serious...don't finish this conversation."

"The medication is called..."

"Boa noite Noelle" (which is Portuguese for good night) and then he hung up on me.

I laughed for five more minutes.

And finally...

If you're bored (Amber this is for you!) go to and click on wedding cakes. Then click on butter cream cakes and look at the fifth cake. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I still have a crush on Brandon Bobo, would name my son after him if I ever had one. Wonder what ever happened to him :)

Benjamin said...

I really like the 3rd one.

Tiffany said...

Love the last one. So funny. I reeeaally want to know what the medication is!

What a good soldier you've been all these years keeping a journal. Pretty impressive.

RayRay said...

ok. First of all. I love the quote about love being holy and receiving it with gratitude. Could giving all your love to someone who was ungrateful for it be any more heart-wrenching? I don't know what your heartbreak was, but girl... I'm working through all that right now. My sister tells me, "he widened the tent of your heart, now let's go find someone who can fill it all up."

Secondly, I called Robert back today (thank you for the encouragement) but I had to leave a message. I will try again, don't worry.

Have a fabulous day.

Sandra said...

I love the quote. Love is holy isn't it. Too bad not everyone one realizes that.

This week in 1986 I was recovering from giving birth to my first child, who now has 2 of his own. Where did the time go?

Cakes-- I like cake #5. I do have a question for you on the cake, though.
For some reason, I have noticed here in Utah, people don't always serve the actual wedding cake. I don't understand spending that much money and then not serving it, but that is just my opinion. My actual question is this-- do you plan on serving your cake?
If so, then I have a bit of unwanted advice- have her make you a sample cake and taste it before you purchase.

Sandra said...

Oh, and I was also going to say- the cakemaker is the only other person I have ever known to spell her name the same way as my sister spells hers.

CRAZYMOM said...

Nice to "meet" you Noelle! I'm your newest follower from Friday Follower.

Little sister said...

Is this National Vote on What Cake Noelle Has at Her Wedding Day? Sweet! I feel like I just won the lottery! If I were to give my real opinion...all of them. Have all of them at your wedding cause they all look scrumptious! Only one problem with that...I don't want to become fat on wedding cakes...although I can't think of a better way to go! :) Soo...while I think number 12 looks to DIE for because of all that chocolate...number 5 looks nice too. :)

Jamie said...

All of the cakes look YUMMY!!! but I am confused...there were two rows of pictures on the Butter Cream page... I also liked the one with the polka dots sitting a top the floating flowers...very funky!!!

Robyn Campbell said...

Found you from Friday follow. I like the last one. Nice blog.