Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breaking and Entering

When Jason asks me to climb up that rock so he can take a picture I do.

When Jason says he wants me to take his picture on that ledge...even though there is a chain that says danger beyond this point...I do...after I ask him to please not die.

But then I think I want a picture too...so we take one together.


Sam said...

Whoa! I'm so glad neither of you died! Since I'm sure someone has.. seeing as how there is a CHAIN that says "Noelle, please don't cross me" :p

*Awesome* pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are MAD. I gasped when i looked at Jason's picture and i was wondering how you would let him do something like that and THEN, i see the TWO of you- what are you two thinking?

Beautiful pictures, but you know, there are people back here who care about you and want you to return to ground zero safely.. i'm muttering now. Do what makes you happy- take crazier pictures, i'll just hug my chair and try breathing. Really. I'll be okay!

Brynn said...

Ummm, You are on your honeymoon! You are addicted. There is help for you Noelle. Cool pics though.

Tiffany said...

So fun / exciting / scarey! Mostly scarey I think. I'm older though and much more in touch with my mortality :)

Please do mind the precipice.

those of us who hope you come home in one piece.

Jamie said...

Oh the things we do for LOVE...but, just so you know...crazy antics to prove your love are not necessary any more...you are married!!! ; )
Totally Miss YOU and JASON!!!

Annie said...

Amazing pictures!!!

But, you are supposed to be on your honeymoon?

Amy said...

Amen to honeymoon-ing comments. On the other hand, COOL PICTURE! On the third hand (I could have 3 hands....) they're gonna arrest you.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...


(yay - although baby sister is doing a great job)