Friday, March 26, 2010


I realize this isn't the greatest picture in the world...

And you've seen it before...

But I need...yes to know that I LOVE my much.

I love that my sister-in-law texts me to make sure I'm feeling better.

I love that my mom worries about me.

I love that on my wedding day, when my hair was ruined by the rain, my sisters took over and made my hair beautiful again.

I love that my brothers tease me.

I love that I can see my nieces and nephews every day.

I love that my dad is my constant source of strength and wisdom.

I love that my sisters (by birth and by marriage) are my best friends.

I love that my brother-in-law is really just another brother.

The phrase 'my cup runneth over' describes how I feel today.

Thank you family...for all that you do...and for all that you are in my life.


The Warrior in ME said...

How sweet! I'm sure they want to give you a bear hug right away!

God bless all of you :)

Amy said...

It's true, you have a wonderful family. :) What a fabulous picture!

Christina said...

Your very lucky!! :)

Tiff said...

Dear sister -

I love you too. My eyes are filled with tears right now cause of how much I love you. You're amazing and I admire you so much.


Bon said...

Hi - new follower here !!

I took 'Blessed Quiver's' advice and visited the blog of the person who commented before me...

and lo and behold!....I actually like it! Alot!! :)

Hence the follow!
Happy Follow Friday!

(if you feel so inclinded..I could use more followers myself? nudge nudge, wink wink??) hehe!

Noelle said...

Bon - I tried to find your blog but your profile doesn't link to it.

What's your blog address?

Jessica said...

You do have a pretty amazing family!

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

You are so right! Being nice matters a great deal in life, with family and with strangers! Congratulations on having a warm heart!
Lindsey Petersen

Baby Sister said...

*sniffle* I love you too. :)

Mom et al said...

Hi, I'm your newest Friday follower!

Come visit me at



e. del mar said...

This is so lovely!

Annie said...

Beautiful family picture!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Joann Mannix said...

How utterly sweet. I haven't seen the picture before and it is just lovely. Big, lovey-dovey families are the best.

Bossy Betty said...

Love your list!

Feeling Just Right said...
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