Thursday, March 18, 2010

Popping In To Say Hi

Don't get mad...we're technically not on our honeymoon anymore. We're at Jason's house packing up his life. It's a lot of life. A lot a lot...if you need anything we've probably got it a box.

Baby Sister is still on duty...because I know when she reads this she's going to text me and say, "Hey, it's my blog..." and it is...until Monday...but I've been packing boxes for 8 hours straight and I really needed a little break.

I've been married for a total of 5 days now and I have a pet peeve. It's a big one. Ready for it? It's vertigo. You're thinking "wasn't that your pet peeve before you were married?" Why yes it was thanks for asking.

Dang vertigo.

I went to put my head on Jason's shoulder this morning (one thing that ISN'T a pet peeve about being married) and the world began to it does every other time I get vertigo. Luckily I thought to bring my medicine and so I took it before it got out of control.

Jason asked if I was okay and I moaned a no in reply. A few minutes later I asked, "happen to have a mop bucket?" He did. I used it. Oh the joy. And oh the romance. "Very attractive isn't it honey?" I asked. He said yes it was. Strangely, I think I believed him. He rubbed my back and put a warm washcloth to my head because I was dying from cold chills. He's a good one to have around.

I fell asleep and he went off to do some packing...have I mentioned that Jason has a lot of stuff? Right...I's still true.

Crazy how you make such a big decision as getting married and the reality of mop buckets...still looks you in the face every day.

Okay Baby Sister carry on...I'm back to packing books and headlamps.


Dominguez Family said...

Maybe it wasn't vertigo. Maybe your just pregnant. ;-)

Baby Sister said...

Hahahahaha!!! I like that idea! :D

Anonymous said...

Awww- sweetie, i do hope you're okay. Have to say, i like the idea too :D

Try not to work so hard. Eat. That is about all i can manage now. Don't want to sound like a nanny.

Take care, my girl.

Amy said...

At least you're packing headlamps (which are cool) and not something pet snakes.

ha ha Dominguez. Now THAT will be awesome.

Benjamin said...

Dear Noelle,

We miss you and are excited to have you back. Also, do you think Becca B will post her yearly April blog? I sure hope so.


Loralee and the gang... said...

So sweet! I love newlywed stories...