Thursday, March 4, 2010

Riding In The Car With Jason

The other day we were stopped at a red light. It was a really long red light. On the sidewalk next to us was a girl doing the Little Ceasar's Pizza dance. Have you seen it? It takes a secure person to do said dance. She danced her heart out, all the while moving a sign that advertised $5.00 pizza. Every few seconds I would look over at her, and when I did she would look at me and smile.

Her dancing brought her closer to my car and when finally she was close enough to talk to, I rolled down my window and clapped and told her she was an amazing dancer. She giggled and then spoke an entire sentence...and I didn't understand a word. I just nodded and smiled. I told her again I liked her dancing and she said this, "I want to work very hard at dancing cause my ex screwed me over." The light turned green and we drove away, with me pondering her life's goals.

* * * * *

A few streets later we were stopped at another red light. A rough looking man, with a long scraggly beard was walking across the street. I learned long ago not to make eye contact with men walking across the street and so I turned my head slightly. When we drove away Jason said, "Did you see the way he was looking at you?" Thankfully, I hadn't. "He stared at you the whole time he walked across the street...and he had a creepy smile on his face...I was ready to get out and tell him to stop looking at you that way." Too bad Jason stayed in the car. That would have made a good blog story.

* * * * *

We went through the drive through at Arby's last night and Jason said, "It's the first time we've gone to a drive through together. That was fun." He makes me laugh.

* * * * *

Jason compared me to a mattress last night. How do you feel about that? We missed our exit because I was so enthralled with his analogy. "All the other girls I dated...they were like the first mattress we tried. But you're like the mattress we bought...only not so expensive."

* * * * *

My mom called me last night with this little story:

Josh, my three year old nephew, called the house looking for Grandpa. When Grandpa was on the phone, Josh said this:

"Grandpa I need you to order a whole bunch of bean stock seeds and plant them because when they grow big I need to climb them so I can see my mom's cat Sasha. She died because she was very sick. So can you order a whole bunch of seeds?"

* * * * *

And just one last little thing -

See the box where you've all added your lovely little picture? It's at 99. People, can someone out there help me with my OCD problems and make it say 100? Pretty please?


The Boob Nazi said...

HAHAHAHAHA WHAT? How does that relate to dancing?!?

Brittney said...

wow.. Im a little worried about the dancing girl now... does this mean a career of stripping is in her future?? hmmmm... lol!!!

Jessica said...

Oooh, someone did it! It's at 100! Congrats on being so blogularly popular!

C'est La Vie said...

haha that's so funny, all of them!!

looks like you hit 100! i'm scared to make it 101 now...

Anonymous said...

Your stories continue to stay as entertaining as ever- you turned into my daily MUST READ. I like your blog!

p.s. nephew story was heart-wrenching!

Benjamin said...

Yeah for Noelle!!!! She reached 100!!!

Karen said...

Are you excited? Just over a week before the big day! Hey, I tried to call the number on the luncheon card but a little grandma answered and said she couldn't help me. I wanted to RSVP, will you tell Valerie for me? :) Thanks. See you soon. Can't wait!

Tiffany said...

Gotta say, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the car during the mattress analogy. Very sweet/funny/strange :)

You're sounding very happy.