Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And fries too...please.

I've been outside working all morning: raking and pulling weeds.

I'm trying to get ready for a full semi-load of plants we have to unload in a few minutes.

When it started to rain I came inside and realized that I was hungry.

Really hungry.

I looked for something to eat and found a Superfood Slam Pro Bar.

These are the ingredients:

organic rolled oats
organic peanut butter
organic brown rice syrup
organic raisins
organic dates
grain sweetened dark chocolate chips
organic raw sunflower seeds
organic raw coconut
organic rolled rye
raw organic brown flax seed
raw cashews
raw organic brown sesame seed
organic evaporated cane juice
organic soy oil
raspberry puree
raw brazil nut
raw pumpkin seed
organic brown crisp rice
corn flakes
oat bran
organic oat solids
epazote leaf
organic cardamom seed
organic fennel seed
organic fenugreek seed
organic nutmeg
natural orange oil
natural vitamin E

I ate it...because like I said...I was really hungry...but I sure wish it had been a hamburger.


Elise said...

Hey, it's better than peanut butter on a corn tortilla ;)

Jamie said...

wow...all of that...I think I would have gone for the hamburger, too!

Cheeseboy said...

I don't know what epazote leaf is, but it sounds delicious!

Sam said...

This is probably going to sound really strange but, while reading those ingredients, all I could think of was Dwight Schrute.

I hope you watch The Office, otherwise this comment won't make any sense.. haha.

Joann Mannix said...

See, except for the leaf thing and fenugreek thing, I like the sound of that, all that dried fruit and chewy stuff. Yum!

And speaking of, last week I had my first Buffalo Burger and it was scrumptious, indeed!

Dominguez Family said...

If you were pregnant and had a baby, the fenugreek stuff would help you produce milk. ;-)

Letherton said...

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Anonymous said...

So where did you get your bar? This sounds like something Jason would have given you. Am I right? I like that guy more and more, but he has got an uphill battle if he things that leaving a bar for you is going to get you to even say the word health food.

-stephanie- said...

holy loads of ingredients Batman!

I had Nutella on Nilla Wafers.
I want a hamburger.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

That sounds really....healthy.

Jason gave it to you, didn't he?!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I think we should ban anonymous commenters. :)

Feeling Just Right said...

Eat. Eat all you can. Food is blissful.