Monday, April 26, 2010


Do you miss me when I don't write?

I've been here...killing ants.

The builders left crumbs under the carpet and now that it's warm, the ants have come out in full force.

I think I took care of the problem tonight. I brought home some spray that will keep them out.


A few days ago I had a message on my phone from my friend in Mexico. She was coming to Utah and she wanted to see me.

Saturday night I picked her and her daughter up from a friend's house and they've been with me until just a few hours ago.

I speak Spanish.

Or so I thought.

I realized again this past weekend that I understand Spanish and that I can write Spanish, but to speak it...I need practice.

I got plenty of it.

This afternoon we met a man from Puerto Rico who was raised in the United States. His Spanish is a mix of English and Spanish...a mixture that I understood perfectly.

We spent an hour with a couple from Venezuela. They speak a mixture of English and Spanish...a mixture I mostly understood.

Tonight we met Mr. Puerto Rico's wife who is also from Puerto Rico, where she was raised. She speaks a mixture of English and Spanish...a mixture I did NOT understand...even the English part. And to top it off, she spoke faster than anyone I have ever met.

She's least from what I could understand, and her goal was to tell me all of the funny things that happened to her while she was living in a certain city. When my friends laughed, I laughed. By the end of the night, if I squinted my eyes just right and cocked my head a certain way, I could understand her...kind of.

Tonight I am fairly certain that I speak less Spanish than I did Friday...and my goal is to not speak to Jason in Spanish...because I have and on all weekend. He's a patient man that husband of mine, and I love him.


Cheeseboy said...

I am glad you got spray. Killing ants one at a time can get a little tedious.

I know zero Spanish, but I am fluent in Pennsylvania Dutch.

Anonymous said...

I've been imagining you tilting your head to understand Mrs. Puerto Rico and i can't stop laughing! Are you sure she didn't think you were drugged?!!

Pat on the back to the patient husband!

p.s. of course we miss you when you're gone killing ants!

Joann Mannix said...

Oh, honey, the ants here in Florida are like dust pollen. They are everywhere. At least they're the tiny ones and not the fire ants. Those tend to stay outside. Ahhh, life in the tropics!

Before I went to Italy a few years back, I tried my best to learn the language. A year of classes. I felt like I was so ready. The minute I landed, I realized I was so far out of my league. Their rapid-fire talk made my rudimentary skills laughable. I kept my mouth shut the whole time. Smiling and nodding got me through.

Bossy Betty said...

My husband is completely against spray so I am forced to use Windex against my little enemies.


cfoxes33 said...

You is so funny. My son in taking spanish in school. He comes home every day and tells me new words he has learned. LOL