Friday, April 9, 2010

I Would Rather...

This morning before I went to work I stopped at my parent's house to talk to my dad.

My mom came out of the laundry room holding a shirt.

"Noelle is this yours? Or Jason's?"

I told her it wasn't.

Baby Sister said it wasn't hers...and it wasn't her boyfriends.

Mom said, "Hmmm...I wonder if it's Tiffany's."

I told my mom that I was pretty sure it wasn't Tiffany's.

Dad, who had been oblivious to the entire conversation, finally looked up at the shirt.

"'s mine."

" this more roadkill?"

He smiled and nodded in the affirmative.

Dad has a penchant for picking things up off the street and bringing them home: clothes, coins, a bracelet he gave my sister, and sometimes even people. His favorite jacket is one he found on the side of the road. I have memories of strangers in our who stayed for three dad is just like that.

"Dad," I said, "the shirt won't even fit you."

"No, but it might fit one of the grandkids." And at that Mom rolled her eyes.

Dad's newest hobby involves driving around and spotting dead spruce or fir trees. Once he finds them, he tracks down the owner of the property and asks if he can cut down the dead trees. Usually they are more than willing to let him. He drags my poor brother-in-law out with him and together they become Paul's entertaining for the rest of us, if nothing else.

Just thought I'd share...

* * * * *

And about the post from yesterday...your comments made me laugh. I wasn't making up stories about you...I promise! However, I tried all night long to come up with a big story involving all of your big happy family kind of story...but let's face reality...I'm NOT that creative.

Because you asked: I would rather be stuck in a cave of bats (I'm terribly allergic to bees) and I think I would prefer the greasy hair. I've come up with a solution: just put a shower cap on to hold in the drips, and then wear a pretty scarf over that...if they ask, tell them you're recovering from chemo and they would be more inclined to hire you...sympathy vote and all.

Happy Friday people! I hope the sun finds you wherever you are!!!


Brittney said...

Lol my grandma does that all the time!

Anonymous said...

Everyday i turn into blogger, scan through my reader and search for the latest on you. I love reading your posts! So, now that is something you know about me! For the rest, i'll do a post. Soon. This one will be for you :)

I love the sound of your Dad! Reading this post made me laugh out so loud :D

(yay for greasy hair!)

p.s. i love that you make me smile each day. Hugs.

Jessica said...

What exactly does he DO with the dead trees? Firewood?

Venassa said...

Haha.. I also wanted to ask what he does with the trees.

Jaddin said...

Can you pass a message on to your dad? There is a really nice pair of gloves in my neighborhood, I was on a walk yesterday and saw one glove and then a little further down the road saw it's mate. Also Rick had our oldest Russell out collecting wood all day Saturday, we have a pile about 4 feet tall and eight feed wide, I guess we are storing up for when we can't heat the house the traditional way. :)You will thank your Dad when he can keep you warm!