Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Tuesday Again

And as always, go here for more sticky note fun!


Jason said...

To my Amazing and Adorable Wife...
Your wish is my command (the clothes are in the dryer).

Kristie said...

Dear Noelle,
Gotta love nieces. The Chinese food was yummy! Thanks for the chat. Lighter subjects next time! :)

Dear Jason,
Thanks for being a great husband to my friend. Maybe now we can be friends too!

jayayceeblog said...

Oh my gosh, you were on the phone with your little niece and no one knew where she was? I'll bet it was very funny after you found her! And sporting your lipstick, too. She sounds like fun! And now Chinese food sounds really good!

Feeling Just Right said...

Jason's comment here made me smile wide!

Please add one for me,
"Dear Mother Nature, PLEASE PLEASE try to keep things below 38 degrees- we might just evaporate before you know it. THANKS!"

p.s. Noelle- you don't want what you're asking for. The plants will live. I promise.

p.p.s. Sami is a rockstar! except for the ring part- ouch! scary. lucky you!

Noelle said...

Dear Ms. Feeling Just Right :)

Jason's comment made me smile too.

And Sami is a rockstar!!!

And sadly, it if gets below 32 degrees my plants will freeze and they won't live...and I have a lot of plants that need to live...

Jamie said...


Miss you!!!

Loving the Prince Charming you married...My hubby does laundry too! What a blessing!

I wonder what a Round Trip One Day Ticket to Utah would cost? Hmmm?