Wednesday, May 19, 2010

7 Things

Jason left today for 10 more days.

At least he'll have cell phone service this time.

His boss thinks they should make my handwriting into a font.

Just thought I'd share...

That's all I'll be doing in this post...sharing the stuff that floats around in my head.

#1 Thing In My Head

My friend Joann @ Laundry Hurts My Feelings has an alligator infested lake behind her house. (Or was it crocodiles?) It doesn't matter really, because both animals have really big teeth. She's mentioned having to run after her moronic puppies (her words not mine) because they've gone into the lake. Here's the thing I think about way more than I ought Joann: aren't you afraid that the alligators/crocodiles might get sick of the lake and want to take a field to your front door? Do you dream about their beady little eyes at night? I'm pretty sure I would. In fact I'm pretty sure I would have to move. Maybe...just maybe... you're tougher than I am. Hmmm...that's probably what it is.

If you haven't read Joann's blog I highly recommend it. She'll have you laughing one minute and in tears the next...I'm a fan Joann, a big big fan.

#2 Thing In My Head

Do you ever put clothes in the washer on Saturday and remember the following Wednesday that they are still in the washer?

Yeah, me neither.

#3 Thing In My Head

Have you ever eaten a Fiber 1 bar? If so, have you learned yet that you have to drink at least a kiddie pool amount of water in order to walk away unscathed? Those bars could do permanent damage to one's innards. I stopped eating them a few weeks ago when my sister mentioned the damage they did to her innards and all of a sudden the world made sense! I was eating at least one a day. Yesterday Jason was experiencing his own innard discord...and we couldn't figure out why. It wasn't until he said he had eaten TWO Fiber 1 bars and had only a sippy cup amount of water (not that he drinks from a sippy cup...just that I figure you can visualize the amount of water in a sippy cup) that I realized the problem. "Honey, never never never never never eat two Fiber 1 bars in one day." That's what I said.

#4 Thing In My Head

A hypothetical question -

Let's say you give someone a wedding present. If three months had passed would you:

a) still appreciate a thank you card for your thoughtful gift
b) have forgotten all about the gift you gave
c) think the bride was the most ungrateful little brat on the planet or
d) tell the bride, if you saw her, that a thank you card wasn't necessary.'s the thing...I'm working on them, I really am. I carry a bright green bag full of them in my car and whenever I have a free minute I write thanks, in it's most sincere form, to the person who's card is on top. But at the rate I'm going it will be March 2015 before I'm done.

#5 Thing In My Head

My new sister-in-law just had a baby...a baby I didn't know about until a few days after...I have to figure out how to get in the loop! I think my sister-in-law might read my blog...and so...

Dear Sister-In-Law (I won't use your name because I'm not sure if you would want me to tell my vast throng of followers ((I'm kind of funny I think)) your name)...Okay back on topic...

I have a gift for you and the new one sitting in my car and I will put it in the mail to you by Friday.

Love, your brother's favorite wife

(If I put it in writing I have to do it.)

#6 Thing In My Head

I have a goal...a simple's to reach 2oo followers by...oh...I don't know...I just made this goal...let's say by June 6th. My friends all over the blogging world are announcing their 200th follower and I just want to play in their league...can you help me with that?

#7 Think In My Head

I need a shrink.


TJ said...

which SIL?? L? or C? i'm pretty sure A isn't having any more, or Sa or So. was it a boy? a girl? i'm just as out of the loop.......

and a therapist is just as good as a shrink. i love mine.

Mr. Stupid said...

Living with the creature behind is scary. I live in a part where people are scarier than animals... LOL
Hope you get to 200 followers quick!:)

Jamie said...

I miss you the thoughts in your head, because we think the same! You can turn your handwriting into a font...ask me later and I will tell you how.
I think the alligator would take a field trip...and ring the door bell, just to throw you off!

Judy said...

I think I just had the goal of getting thank you's out within a year. I'm pretty sure that's fairly acceptable. Most people who love you enough to be at your reception or send you a gift would just love to hear from you and would likely appreciate a thank you whenever it gets to them.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I love your head.

Yes, send a thank you note. I just had a group conversation yesterday at my conference on the power of a thank you. Send. Them.

200? I like that. Keeping up with the Jones. I'm in.

Want a scooter ride? :)

Cox Family said...

Thanks for the gift in advance. Jason knew I had the baby I made sure with my mom. I'll get your email somehow and invite you to my blog and then you can be in the loop and at least one person from my family will read it.

Brynn said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Fiber One. I ate one last night and wondered why I woke up the way I did. Now it all makes sense.

Amy said...

There is a website that will turn your handwriting into a font. For real. Isn't that rad? Google it, you'll be glad you did.

If you're scared of crocodiles you should read The Underneath (it's a kiddish book) ask my mom about it, she'll tell you.

I rewashed a batch of clothes this morning for that very reason. Only it's Thursday. *sigh* (day late and a dollar short)

Nobody expects thank you cards. They are simply a pleasantry if you get around to it. That's my (horrible generation of selfishness) opinion. Also if you have 1 done, you should mail it. I was waiting to get all of mine done to mail them, and I found about 100 of them when we moved 2 YEARS LATER. They were written, addressed and sealed. I didn't have the guts to send them. So I say if you've written it, mail it. That way if you don't finish it's OK.

200 is a lot of followers.

Sorry for the novel, it was just so thought invoking today!

Dominguez Family said...

I, too, learned the terrible downside of Fiber One bars. They tasted so delicious I was convinced they weren't the cause of my "problems". Alas, I was very wrong and now I stick with my Kashi cereal.

Joann Mannix said...

You are the sweetest girl alive!

Thank you so much for the shout-out. Blowing kisses through the Internet.

And you said the word help and it is done. I am not posting until tomorrow, but it is done.

It is alligators and allow me if I may to tell you a story. I'll TRY to make it brief, but you know me.

When the alligators climb up onto the banks, we are allowed to call wildlife control because then they're considered a danger since it is an indicator that they've lost their fear of people.

Wildlife control then calls up these old boy gator trappers who come out with their john boats and lassoes and take the gators away.

Last year, the gator trapper, a young man, gave us his card and said to just bypass animal control and call him directly. The next time a gator came on land, we called. His wife answered and gave us the sad news that he had died.

Of course I was thinking, gator got him.

But no.

A very prominent strawberry farmer, (down here, strawberries are big business along with trapping gators), had just bought himself a new helicopter. He was flying it around, showboating, while his friend was on the ground, videotaping him. The strawberry farmer accidentally clipped the side of his house and the helicopter crashed to the ground, right on top of his friend who was filming him. They both died.

The alligator trapper was the guy filming.

Now, I ask you, what are the odds you trap alligators for a living and you get killed by a helicopter that falls from the sky?

That is just pure, dumb luck.

And the other thing, about the laundry, (as I hang my head), um...yeah.

Love ya, my girl. Let's just see about those followers.

jayayceeblog said...

Visited Laundry Hurts My Feelings ... hilarious! Uncomfortable day + Fiber One Bar = it all makes sense now! I manage to switch my laundry to the dryer so it's dry but extremely wrinkled. Keep writing those thank you notes ... they will eventually be appreciated! I've been a follower for a while, but good luck on your 200!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish i could follow AGAIN and again and again just to help you make 200. You know i like you that much! I am sure we all do!

Brilliant idea about the handwriting. Please please do the website thing. It'd be so great to write your posts in your handwriting! I will look forward to reading the next post that way! (thanking Jason's boss for the insight. is he is a follower too??!)

1. The crocodiles scared me. Courageous girl- Joann!
2. I am still a 24 yr old kid at mum's house. I never do laundry- hate me! :D
3. Haven't had this fiber bar yet- feeling grateful!
4. Send out thankyou's. WHENEVER you can. Do it.
5. Congratulations SIL!
6. 200 will happen. I LOVE the number of faces on your page! Beautiful!
7. You probably need to eat. (that is just my brain saying it to me. Did i just say it loud?!)

Anonymous said...

Oye! Oye! Noelle! My friend Julie posted about some new thing called Welcome Wednesday that she found. Go here, maybe it'll help with the goal of 200.

p.s. i know you like me!

Venassa said...

I like some of the Fiber 1 bars, I never had any issues though.

I'm not really in the wedding loop, so I wouldn't expect nor care about thank you cards. Others may think otherwise.

I would not be brave enough to live that close to crocs/gators. But I'm going to check out her blog..

Adoption of Jane said...

I need a shrink too, but more afraid I may be committed after!! Fiber 1 is not my friend!

Katie's Dailies said...

I'm definitely going to help you get to 200---I just cracked 100 followers the other day and felt like it was my birthday and Christmas rolled into one! ; )

And the laundry thing? I'm good about getting the wet clothes IN the dryer, it's the taking out and putting away thing I have problems with!

Diana said...

I'm here via Follow Me Friday. I really enjoyed the "Not It" post and these 7 Things from inside your head. I can relate to forgetting the laundry in the washer for a few day. Therefore... I follow. :)

Loralee and the gang... said...

about the Follower you ever get some who, when you click on their image to find out WHO is Following, find that they either have an unpronounceable name, no blog to get to know them thru, and/or their entire blog is written ina foreign language? And do you make a decision to block them because you don't like bloggers to Follow who you know noting at all about? Or am I just being paranoid?

MageeMommy said...

You are hilarious! I found you throught TrendyTreehouse's Follow Me Friday thing. SO funny! I'm postting about you on my blog for this post. PS Ah Ha! It's the stinking fiber one bars. Thanks for the heads up. lol