Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Been A While

...since I've done a Grandpa Wednesday.

There are so many new friends and faces who don't even know what Grandpa Wednesday is.

But if I were to re-post all of my old posts, would you my long time friends get bored with reading them again?

To those who are new...
My grandpa was my best friend and my biggest inspiration.

Go here and here to read two of my favorite stories about him.

And to all of you...
...another letter from the war...

Sunday May 20, 1945

My Dearest Vic,

It's 9:15pm and I just finished fixing flat tires. There hasn't been so much for me to do today but I paid up for it tonight. I thought maybe I could take it easy all thru this Sunday, but no luck. It helps time pass a little faster though. You know me, "The busier the better." True, I'm not afraid of work, I will lay down right beside it.

Are you getting all the religion for both of us? You know it's up to you, cause I haven't attended a church since I was in England just at Christmas time. I do think about those things a lot though. It will be great to attend one of our meetings with you by my side again.

Tonight I received a letter from Mont N. He is still in France. He can't understand how it is we live in such swell quarters. We were in a nice apartment when I last wrote to him. It is kinda tough on these Germans when we move in, cause they just have to move out. All our quarters in Germany haven't been so nice. When we first came in to Germany the houses we used had either been bombed or shelled and that's the only kind there was. Some of those days and night seem like a bad nightmare now.

Mont says they live in tents, but it's not so bad now that it's warm. We lived in tents in France too, in January. For awhile the mud was up to our ankles, then it froze. Oh boy, what fun.

There is quite an article in our paper tonight by Mae West. She says the women back there will have to change a bit and be ready for a sexier bunch of men when they come home. She says those women that have been stepping out will have to mend their ways too. Kind of a queer article I'd say, but maybe there's more truth than fiction in it. I can hardly imagine an article like that coming out in the Era.

For the past month or so this company has been restricted to the immediate area where we stay, and it isn't so good. The reason - a couple of guys got caught playing around with some of the German gals, and the old man (company commander) got hell about it I guess. They call it fraternizing, and you know that is strictly against the law. It seems there are always some guys that have to make it tough on everyone else. For that reason I wish we would soon get out of this country.

I had to initial a card with the number of points I have yesterday. My total score is 27 - quite a ways to go for 85. I wonder if they will keep guys like me in the army until old age gets us. What do you think Vic? That's quite a question to ask you isn't it?

I am wondering if Forrest is home or on the way yet. Did he always stay in England?

These people seem to really observe the sabbath. They don't work and are all dressed up and it seems most of them go to church on Sunday.

This has been a sort of mixed up letter and now I'm running out. There's just one more thing.

I'm very much in love with you.

All my love to you,



Anonymous said...

You'll find it funny that i strained to read the cursive handwriting, my eyes literally taking in my computer screen; ONLY to realize that you had typed the whole thing again! Am i feeling silly or what?!

"The busier the better" and "i'm very much in love with you" caught me!

Loyalty towards the person you love, is SUCH a beautiful thing!

Jamie said...

I love reading his letters...such emotion, friendship and LOVE...lots of LOVE!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

jayayceeblog said...

Your porch lights and saying goodbye post was quite the tear jerker. What a beautiful relationship you had with him. And those handwritten letters are such a treasure! Thanks so much for sharing a little of your family history!!!