Friday, May 21, 2010

Meet Trouble

Those who have been around a while know that this is niece.

I've named her Trouble.

Whenever I see her I say, "Hello Trouble."

And she says, "I'm not Trouble, I'm Sami."

Sometime this afternoon I was outside helping a very serious and proper woman.

I've helped her before and she is always very serious and proper.

I was in the middle of saying "I can order..."

when Sami came up to me, right out of nowhere.

"Hi Well," because she can't say my name.

"Hey Trouble," I said. "Where's your mom?"

Because really, she came right out of nowhere.

"I dunaknow, and I not Trouble."

I tried my sentence again, "I can order..."

But I was interrupted.


"Yes Trouble?"

"Do you have a toilet?" you have a bathroom or I have to go potty...but

"Do you have a toilet?"

I looked at the very proper and serious customer and asked,

"Do you mind waiting a minute? She's just being potty trained and..."

The customer waved her had as if to dismiss me, and Trouble and I ran in to my office.

Trouble spent about 20 minutes with me and Ms. Proper and Serious.

At one point Ms. P&S asked, "Are you babysitting?"

"Apparently so. Her mom is around here somewhere I guess," is how I replied.

We found Trouble's mom sometime later.

Trouble's mom didn't know she was missing until she couldn't find her. (But in case you might worry, Trouble's dad knew where she was the whole time.)

"I knew she would find you," my sister told me.

I smiled and walked away.

Dear'll always be able to find me, because I'll be right here. Love, your aunt.


Tiffany said...

You are a sweet aunt. Remember the old Friends episode where Monica says to her new nephew...
"I'll always have gum"

Being an aunt is a great gig.

Anonymous said...

Awwww! I am going to wait for her to grow up and read this!

I've been looking so much at the news today. I thought i felt better a while ago when i posted something about it, but then i watched the updates and felt sad all over again. I wanted to feel better and didn't know what to do. FOR A WHILE. Then, i knew all i had to do was read you.

My troubles seem gone. Thanking Well AND dear Miss Trouble for bringing me a much needed smile.

In all my sincerity.

Anonymous said...

That's my kind of trouble:-) Joann brought me your way and I'm glad she did.

Heather said...

Very cute. I miss having young nephews. They are in their 20's now.

Annie said...

Haha, like how you named her.

Have a great weekend.

Joann Mannix said...

Aunts rule the world because they buy presents and candy and like Tiffany said, gum and they always know where you are.

I love being an aunt. Sometimes, I get as much a kick out being an aunt as being a mom.

Glad Trouble has you.

Katie's Dailies said...

You can send Trouble my way anytime you want---I love that smile!

Susieqtpies said...

Hiya!! Newest blog follower thanks to the Friday Blog Hop! Love your Meet Trouble!!! So darn cute!

Stop in and say HI!

Scraps of Life

Venassa said...

Being an aunt is great.
She sounds adorable.