Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes I Just Want To Stay In Bed

Yesterday wasn't my favorite day ever...and I fell asleep with some tears on my cheeks...but I woke up determined to shake it off. I have a dang crazy day and I don't have time to feel sad...that's what I told myself.

When I got to work a semi was waiting to be unloaded. I grabbed the paperwork and went out to count the plant material to make sure it had all arrived. The truck driver was from Russia...and he smoked a lot. Smoke or don't doesn't bother me...unless you happen to be blowing that smoke in my direction...then it bothers me.

And if you're blowing that smoke in my direction AND blatantly staring at me...I'm probably not going to like it. Especially when I fell asleep with some tears on my cheeks.

I was patient for about 10 minutes. But when that truck driver walked to the end of his truck, squatted down with his cigarette hanging out of his mouth, and stared at me with his creepy eyes, I had reached the end of my rope.

I put as much ice in my voice as I could when I asked, "Do you speak English?"

And he leered and nodded yes and then said, "So so."

"STOP staring at me. You're a creep and you're making me mad. Believe me, I'm NOT interested."

And then he slowly looked me up and down, grinned his creepy little grin, and blew his smoke in my face.

I turned and Mario, one of my employees, said "Que paso?" He could tell I was annoyed...he can always tell when I'm bugged about something. I mentioned that I was going to slug a certain truck driver if he didn't stop staring and Mario instantly turned his head to the side. "I'm never going to look at you again either." I did hit the arm...and told him if he wanted to fix the problem he could hit the truck driver.

He didn't. Too bad, I might have given him a bonus for defending my honor or something.

The truck driver didn't stop staring...and no one hit him like I was hoping...and when he drove away I sighed a sigh of relief and thought, "maybe now it will be a better day."

The jury is still out...


Joann Mannix said...

Hate those kind of men. With a passion.

Hope the tears dissipate and your dreams tonight are only of bliss.

TJ said...

my friend, that is called harassment. if that guy does it again, call the truck company and complain. serious. no reason you have to put up with crap like that from ANYONE!!!! and if i were there, i would have hit him for you. and took the cig out of his mouth and crushed it, insinuating that i would also crush him if he took it any further. it also helps that i am 6 feet tall.:) i can intimidate the crap out of people if i want to.

Sandra said...

I hope by now your day has gotten better.

And if you had called me I would have taken care of him. Did I ever tell you that my Marine sons told me that the only thing they are scared of is me?

I hate creeps.

jayayceeblog said...

For the cigarette smoke issue, get a gun ... a squirt gun and shoot that thing out of his mouth. Maybe put vinegar in it and shoot him in the eyes for staring. Wow, I'm feeling a little edgy today myself!

Kristie said...

EWWWW!!! Creepy..slimy...gross me out! No one would blame you if you'd slugged him.

Let me know if you need mint chocolate chip! :)

Cheeseboy said...

That's just not right!

I would have punched him, but I doubt I would have hurt him at all. And then I would have ran away. I'm not exactly a knight.

Feeling Just Right said...

Awww. This was bad! I loved that you creamed at him. You're a courageous woman. You're never going to see him again. I pray you don't. And he is still going to stay as gross for all of his life. He chooses to. We, choose to stay away. He'll get his due from the universe, i assure you. You be good. I'm glad you're still safe.

p.s. tell Mario i just fired him. Men! what is with them?