Monday, May 17, 2010

Sometimes I'm Allergic To My Husband

Jason got home Saturday night at midnight.

He was home a day earlier that I had expected.

I was happy.

He leaves again on Wednesday and will be gone two and a half weeks.

I think my husband likes me.

We have a king size bed but we might as well have a twin for as much space as we use.

At 3:13 AM I said, "Jason scoot over."

And he did.

Which is a good thing because I was about to fall off of the bed.

At 6:30 AM when I was wide awake, once again hugging the edge of the bed, I said to Jason, "Do you see how much space is on your side of the bed?" He looked and then said, "But you keep scooting over and so then I have to scoot over too."

Wouldn't you say that means he likes me?

We talked into the wee hours of the morning Sunday morning.

After an hour or so of talking I noticed that my allergies were awful.

I couldn't breathe.

My eyes were swollen and runny.

My nose wouldn't stop running.

I said to my husband, "I think I'm allergic to you."

He laughed.

But as it turns out I was allergic to him.

He had mowed the lawn earlier in the day, and didn't clean up before he made the 4 hour journey home.

After two allergy pills and a cough drop... and Jason washing his arms ... I felt like I might live.

I'll take allergies any day if it means my husband is home.


Cheeseboy said...

This might be the sweetest post I have ever read.

Heather said...

How sweet. Not the snot, or the puffy eyes...but the part where he likes you! Very sweet.

Kate said...

That really is so sweet I'm going to go wake my husband up from his nap and give him a smooch.

We're the same way with the bed. When we stay somewhere with a King size we just sleep together on the very edge. Wasted space!

Anonymous said...

Awww! That is one sweet story!

Let me say this to Jason please- don't you leave this girlfriend of mine alone again! Don't go.

p.s. i see all the mushy stuff running into your new profile picture! I like it!

Joann Mannix said...

I'm glad your honey's home.

We have a king sized bed, too and we always sound like two little kids. "Scoot over. You're on my side." Because, that's what happens after 23 years. Not that we don't love each other, but it's good to stretch out, especially when dogs are also smushing you almost off the bed. And then sometimes, there's that 12 year old girl who is sometimes big, but oftentimes still small enough to need the comfort of her mommy and daddy in the middle of the night. It's a crowded house, that bed of ours.

I hope after he leaves again for a second time, he'll come back to stay, for a long, long time, crowding you in bed and making you sneeze in a happily ever after kind of way.

Leslie said...

you always make me chuckle! The good thing about using just a fraction of your bedspace is that if you ever go somewhere and there really is only a twin size bed for two, you'll be just fine. I know from experience since I tend to smother my hubs with cuddling, lol.

Venassa said...

Aww you guys are the sweetest.

I only have a double bed, so I fought to keep the side of the bed that's against the wall, so I don't have to worry about falling off.

Katelyn said...

hehe that is so cute (and funny)!!!