Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I Do

My blogging friend from Feeling Just Right asked me what I do.

It's like this:

Once upon a time my dad started a greenhouse in his back yard.

He wanted a hobby.

Over time that hobby turned into this:

I spend my days...6 of them every week...ordering plants, helping customers, answering telephones, bugging the people who owe us money, watering sometimes, weeding a lot...etc. etc.

I have a love/hate relationship with my job. And about once a week I ask my dad, "Why couldn't you become a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer, or the founder of some really cool clothing store?

It just wasn't meant to be. He is a plant nerd, and by default we are all now plant nerds. Plant nerds who pray for warm weather...because it's May Mother Nature, and we shouldn't still be freezing at night...and how on earth are we supposed to pay our bills if we can't even take this stuff out of the greenhouses?

When I was in college I didn't want anything to do with the family business...I was going to move on to bigger and better things...I was going to change the world...and my degree in Sociology was going to help me with that.

I still change the world...just in a different way. I educate people. Like the lady who couldn't understand why her plants died, and why I wasn't willing to warranty them. I helped her see that if she is going to leave her plants in the trunk of her July...for three days...chances are they're going to die. See...I'm making the world a better plant at a time.

This weekend is typically our busiest of the year. It's not going to happen this year. Because do you know that it's supposed to freeze tomorrow night? Lovely. I'll be going work outside for the day because the sun is actually shining! The nursery is a mess and I've got a million plants to move.


Marci said...

ahhh mother's day at the nursery...aaaa! ;D

now noelle, you know there are enough crazy people in our little valley that will still plant their gardens this weekend...the same ones that will bring those plants back next week to bug you to replace them because they died. ha ha ha

those pictures are soo cool and linden nursery really is the best nursery in the world!

Joann Mannix said...

Wow. Simply Wow. What a great job to be out there in the sunshine with God's greenery. I know, the Russian truckers take away from some of that sublime, but still...

Brynn said...

My favorite part is the part where you say that your sociology degree will help you change the world. Geez, what where we thinking? I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that degree.

Daniel and Elise said...

Brings back good memories, but I don't miss covering all the plants every time there was supposed to be a cold night!
That truck driver sounded so nasty! I would get a loud, but harmless dog that would scare him back into his truck! Dumb guy!

Beth said...

What a beautiful place to live and work! I wouldn't be able to breathe (serious pollen allergies) but I love the pictures!

Feeling Just Right said...

Noelle, i need you to come close my mouth for me. It's wide wide open.

What in the world?! How come your father has such a LARGE backyard? My blogging friends now sound like they come from royalty!

THIS is your JOB????! So so so cool! My plants aren't doing very well too. Help me. Tell me for instance, why my hibiscus will not flower though i've pampered it for about a year now, in 38 degrees emperature.

I don't even get the silly chance to ask you if you will still remember me when you become "rich"! Sigh.

Just so you know, the pictures are breath-taking! Your ESTATE is.

I'm still reeling in shock. But i'm going to look at those pictures for the tenth time now and try and do a better job of digesting facts.

p.s. No, your Dad didn't want to become a doctor because he was smart enough to not go there. (i hope to stop feeling like i'll wither away without treating a patient in my life)

Sandra said...

My favorite nursery. Brandi and I used to go walk around the tree section just to take a walk, way back before I knew you.

And I am deciding if I want to chance flowers for this weekend, or wait. Brandi and I talk about it everytime we drive past.

Lalis said...

Let me guess. Utah? Yeah. I still have the heaters on in my basement. Brrr! ;)

Bossy Betty said...

So great!!! What a wonderful profession--to share your gifts with the world!

Tiffany said...

Love the first pic of the old greenhouse. I'm guessing that's your Grandpa Platt and is that a young Gordon or a different uncle?
Would that be a cute little Noelle up on your dad's shoulders? Pretty ambitious project for the backyard.

So sorry you've been having some rotten days. Hope things get warmer and brighter and commerce picks up. oxox

Cheeseboy said...

In a way, I am very jealous of your job. My job does NOT smell as good as yours.

I majored in Sociology too. I am sure you are using your degree in ways you don't even know.

Margaret said...

Too bad I don't live in your neck of the woods. I would spend all my money at Linden Nursery. And you are so blessed to nurture all that beautiful celestial life which brings so much joy into the world. I know the "opposition in all things" scenario is hard on gardeners especially, but thanks for brightening up my day. I think I will dream of those pretty pink petunias in my dreams tonight. I'm looking for the bubble gum variety of wave petunias and I bet you even have those, huh?

Jessica said...

I love the arial shots of the nursery! On days like today, I kinda miss working back there in the greenhouses, with the smell of the plants and dirt and flowers. And then I remember it's Mother's day week...and suddenly I don't miss it one bit! ;)

Amy said...

I love the nursery. Glad you saw the light and abandoned the change the world idea. :)