Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Have...

I have a new nighttime routine.

I rub arthritis cream on my thumb joints.

Please someone...anyone...tell me it's not arthritis that makes my hands hurt so bad.


I have a new alarm clock too.

It's the sound of a nail gun.

They're building new houses across the street from us...and they start early.

Ridiculously early.

I have a new tan line.

It's on the fourth finger of my left hand.

Where my wedding ring goes.

As far as tan lines's my favorite.

I have beautiful eye makeup.

At least that's what Gabi, my four year old niece, told me tonight.

I have too much Excedrin in my system.

And that means I don't have the ability to close my eyes and sleep.

I have zero tolerance for arrogance.

Just ask the customer who walked into my office this afternoon.

The more he talked the less I was willing to help him.

I have three new books to read.

I have a sister who is getting married today.

I have a prayer in my heart that she will be happy.

I have a secret, deep fear, that maybe she won't be.

I have faith that God will take care of her.

I have to end this post now because I have hunger.

I hope that all of YOU have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

Love rading your post. I hope it's not arthritis too.

I hope your sister is happy

There is a new house down the street and I'm sick of the truck noises...the day they dug the well I wanted to choke them

Get some food in you!! lol

Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

The sister will be super happy! People in your family are so nice and happy- she will be too. All you girls, look very gorgeous and have fun!

It is NOT arthritis. NOT. Are you taking calcium.

New alarm clock- no yay. I didn't tell you that they're crack-filling and painting the exteriors of our building and a few around our block. That means we live within the bamboo cage coming up all around. Imagine- the other day, i opened a window to look at my plants and there was a worker on the roof of our house, with just his two feet hanging above my head. Oh oh.

Beautiful eye make-up sounds very cute!

I had no internet yesterday, so i read a book after so long. Felt so very good :)

ENJOY the wedding!!

Anonymous said...

I have love for you:-) Congrats to sis.

Amy said...

I hope the day is beautiful, and I have faith that it will all work out. It always does.

Also wedding ring tan lines are probably the greatest invention of all time. :D

Dazee Dreamer said...

Good luck at the wedding tomorrow. I hope it goes well too. It's kind of sad when you have those "feelings" about things but can't really say anything about it.

Arrogant customers (or fellow employees) drive me nuts too. But they do make for fun posts. :)

Dominguez Family said...

It's arthritis and you are screwed. Such is life. ;-)

Kelly and Sara said...

LOVE the tan line from your wedding ring... beautiful

Camaree Staheli said...

What are the three new books that you have to read...please share? I am always looking for a new book (or three) to read. :D

Mr. Stupid said...

I just hope that's not Arthritis. BTW, I hate the sounds of trucks and machinery. They finished building a house near my home a month back. They would start off at 5AM everyday!

Hope your sister is Happy. Have a good day...:)

Dazee Dreamer said...

Hey I've given you an award. Come on over and check it out.