Wednesday, June 9, 2010

True Story

...because I'm positive you care about how things turned out with my customer who was going to be here 'first thing.'

The order the customer placed is big...he's landscaping an entire yard: trees, shrubs, flowers, bark, etc.

The trees are big they are not in a pot...just in the dirt with a loose root ball. When it's hot we leave the trees in the dirt until it's time to load them...if they sit in the sun the roots dry up and then die, and then the tree dies, and then the customer gets made at me, and then I cry, and then Jason says 'you should quit your job', and then I say I can't quit my job because we have bills to pay, and then...

Let's just say it's better all around to leave the trees in the dirt.

The shrubs are pulled to the side, patiently waiting for the man who is going to plant them.

Finally, at 1:30 pm a truck appears...and along with the truck a driver...a driver who is bugged that he has to 'waste his time waiting for me to load his trees.' Why don't I have them ready?

I smile and say, "Your boss said he would be here first thing this morning. First thing is between 7:30 and 8:00. When he still hadn't shown his face by 9:30 I chose to leave the trees in the ground...nice of me isn't it? Because now your trees WON'T DIE! ...oh, and if you're boss wants me to pull the trees, he should be here when he says he will."

A few minutes later I get a text from the boss...the one who is confused by the definition of 'first thing.'

"Noelle, you don't have my plants pulled?"

When he uses my first name I know he's annoyed. He's been around a long time.

"Shrubs yes. Trees no." That was my reply.

"Noelle, I told you I would be there first thing."

"And you weren't...which means had I pulled the trees first thing they would have died. Nice of me to save them for you isn't it?"

And then silence...because remember, he's annoyed at me.


...the employee walks in and says, "How much do you charge to deliver?"

And I tell him.

And then he says, "B says you won't ever deliver plants when he wants them so it's no good for me to try and schedule a delivery."

So...while there is silence on my end of the text conversation my customer is texting his employee and bagging on the way I do business.

"Well...if B were to call in advance...say even an hour in advance, and not 'I need a delivery right now' perhaps we could accommodate him."

And then I smiled and took a big bite of my sandwich, because I was hungry...and because if my mouth was full I wouldn't say what I was really thinking.

B's employee just left...with the promise of returning this afternoon...I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Now I AM ANNOYED! Eat the sandwich. In fact, eat two more.

I LOVE that You had the courage to tell him what You thought.

This man is not good. Making people wait and then cribbing is lousy and pathetic.

The trees are saying "thank you" to You, by the way AND they feel sorry that they have to leave You and go sit in his yard soon. Really.

Also, I was so grateful, that this post didn't end with the mad man canceling his order or something. Take a deep breath. You did good.

Big hug.

Heather said...

I too am glad you pointed out he made you wait.
Later is going to call the pet store and have them take a fish out to wait for him.
Good for you!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Noelle, I love you. I know how those customers get. (as per my post its). Good for you telling him what for. except, yikes he texts you.

Beth said...

Noelle you are beyond awesome and way too nice! I might have thrown the cell phone at him and told him to leave me out of that conversation!

Anonymous said...

Takes all kinds, doesn't it Noelle? Know how in some countries everyone has to serve in the military for two years? Well, I'm not quite sure that everyone is cut out psychically for the military, but I do believe that everyone should serve two years in a customer service position. The world would be a nicer place.

Baby Sister said...

I agree with the Chicken...

jayayceeblog said...

Ughh, working with custoners! The only way to combat that kind of idiocy and rudeness is to kill 'em with kindness. Just like you're doing. Smile, smile, smile and say what you mean but in the nicest tone of voice. Like you do to your dog. It's that or beat 'em over the head with a shovel. Which, unfortunately, is not considered good customer service!

reedless said...

I'm sure glad I haven't made you mad enough to write about me. I will be watching my "step" from now on. JK I think you are terrific.