Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bathing Beauties and Other Stuff

I think you should know I'm lousy at answering my cell phone.

I forget to take it with me...I leave it in my car...the battery dies...and if I answer it at work I can almost be guaranteed a customer will walk in two seconds later.

So...with that said...I listened to a voicemail I got today.

It went like this:

"Hi Noelle, it's Jenny.
I just wanted to say how sorry I was to dump all of that on you and then just run.
Thank you for being so sweet.
So we're still on for Tuesday between 6:30 and 7:00pm. See you then!"

I had my sisters listen to make sure I had heard everything correctly.

They all asked, "What did she dump on you?"

And I responded this way: "Maybe before you ask that question you should ask who Jenny is."

"Who's Jenny?" my sister asked.

12 hours later this is still my response: "I have NO idea."

No idea.
I love my life.

One more thing before the picture show:

We signed a contract on Jason's house. The buyer's funding is guaranteed.


Our July 24th party was full of sun and chlorine and sugar and good food and volleyball and a magical (my niece's word not mine) display of fireworks.

And because I love my sisters, and want to remain their friends, you will not find a single picture of anyone over the age of 9 in these swimming pictures:

We'll start with Trouble the Diva. This picture was NOT staged. I said, "Hey Sami turn around (because her back was turned to us) and this was her pose. Jason got the picture right before she turned around again. She's in a don't take my picture phase:

Next up is Kate:

And then Allie, who won the family swimming competition. This girl's AMAZING!

Josh is not quite the fan of water that his cousins are:

We have Nick who could be the next Michael Phelps:

And then we have Ben. Oh...I guess he's over the age of 9 but I couldn't resist. He got in the floaty okay, but getting back out was not so easy. I laughed every time he pleaded "Help. Help"

While the adults played volleyball, these lovely ladies spied on the neighbors. I wish I could have been privy to that conversation!
And finally...the family volleyball team. We're amazing. But not.
I would like to say that I took pictures of the magical firework display, but I can't say it. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the back of my chair.

Oh...and remember how I ended up being in charge of cutting up the fruit?

Ha! My brother-in-law cut it up!


Amy said...

Everybody needs a sister like you. Too bad nobody I'm related to has one....

Also...poor Jenny. I hope she reads this and comes out of the closet. Also I hope someone met her on Tuesday.

While I'm at it I sortof hope Ben turned the floatie upside down and then dove in and flipped back up to be in this position.

Dazee Dreamer said...

favorite pic, of the 2 girls "gossiping" or as you said, checking out the neighbors.

jayayceeblog said...

Now that looks like a great party -- fun pictures! Love the one of Kate in her water wings, floatie and goggles. And the one of the two little sweeties looking over the fence. Do all of us women start that way???

Heather said...

Your nieces and nephews look so fun.
You REALLY lucked out with the food prep for this celebration. Go you!!

Joann Mannix said...

I think we were commenting on each other's blogs at the same time. How cool is that!

And you lucked out super big time on the fruit and food. Yay for Noelle!

Oh and those kiddies are just gorgeous, simply splendid. I like the 2 Peeping Tomalina's.

Stephanie said...

Love this! The pic of the two girls "spying" on neighbors is priceless!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Could you please ask your parents to adopt me?

Jami Balmet said...

Hey I'm stopping by and following from TTA. Can't wait to start reading your posts!

Looks like so much fun in the sun!! :)

Jami @Intentionally Living...

Anonymous said...

Hello! this post is a treat!!!

I stared at Sami so long, she'd blush!!

I want that tortoise floaty! (Did I ever mention I can't swim?) I feel for that little boy Josh!

Happy, beautiful, fun pictures!! :) :) Love them!

p.s. Jenny?? You were sweet to her and you don't know her?

Jami said...

Love the glasses on Sami. And the spies are too cute!