Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello There

We're still vacationing here at our house.

And by vacationing I mean that we sleep in until ridiculously late hours and then eat breakfast when we should be eating lunch.

As soon as I push 'publish post' I am going to make pancakes for today's breakfast lunch...with homemade syrup.

We haven't seen a single firework, or gone to a single parade, or eaten even one piece of watermelon.

Reading that sentence makes me feel unpatriotic.

However, we've played volleyball, and eaten ice cream, and seen Eclipse (well, Jason didn't see Eclipse...even he has his limits), and gone on a bike ride. Today we'll hike, and play more volleyball, and have a bbq with the're welcome to come!

I learned one important thing during all of this playing...something I should have learned long ago but didn't. (I feel as if I were cheated by the way, for not having learned this earlier.)

Luke Skywalker and Princess Lea were brother and sister...twins even. (I always thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend.)

You'd feel cheated too wouldn't you? If you didn't know that information? Not knowing that, now that's unpatriotic.

Okay...the pancakes are calling...

Happy July 5th!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh! I like your new-sleep wake cycle. Aren't you loving it??!

Happy Independence! :)

Is eating watermelon a part of Independence day celebrations? I am imagining a whole country eating and whenever someone is eating, I become oh-so-happy!

I am thankful for being across the world right now. If I were there, even trying to play volleyball, I can only imagine being sent across the net. To and fro.

I had to google those twins out. Cheating. Gross cheating.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Eat some for me!

Big hug!

Heather said...

I hope you enjoyed your "Staycation" and your Star Wars epiphany. I have to say I don't feel so bad that you didn't get a 100 on my movie quotes quiz now!!

Have a great day!!

Diana said...

WOW! Siblings? Twins? Who'd a thunk it! Don't feel unpatriotic. The only thing I did was walk to the end of my block (just happens to be on the parade route)... past a whole 2 houses... and watch the 4th of July parade. If it wasn't that close, chances are I might not have seen it. But family time! That's a whole different story! =)