Monday, July 12, 2010

I Tried. I Really Tried.

Oh. My. Honk.

That's what my mom says when she's disturbed about something...and I'm disturbed.

Really. Disturbed.

Jason made a video about our day...a really cool video...and we're stuck in eternal download mode.

I love his mom. I don't love her internet connection.

Oh. My. Honk.

So...if a miracle occurs and there is a video at the end of this me a favor...

Watch it.

It really is cool.

And then leave Jason some comment love...because Jason loves your comments almost more than I do.

Oh...and one more thing...

The second to last picture...look closely...the black spot you see...that's a bear.

A. Real. Live. Bear.

I ain't never done seen a bear before...except at the zoo.

By the time you read this...unless you're a night owl...we'll be exploring Colorado.

Oh...and I'm giving this internet connection 10 more minutes...and then I'm pulling the plug.

Oh...and another one more thing: I'm going to have to find way more energy if this is what Jason calls 'all in a day's work.'

Seven minutes minutes.

No video. And I waited a lot longer than seven minuets.

We'll try again once we get to Colorado.


Venassa said...

Aww, gotta love bad internet connections.
Glad it you spotting bears, and not me.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Dang! I wanted to see the bear!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I got confused.

I was thinking, "Where's the bear? Where's the bear??"

And then I thought you wanted me to look at pictures in your previous post, so I looked at the second to last picture there.

Now I know Jason and you, so- NO, I did not think either of you were the bear.

But I saw someone peeping behind the two of you.

If you know that person, don't be mad at me.

Also, don't honk.

We'll wait to see the bear on a less confusing day. :)

Happy Colorado-ing!

Oh and please come back soon.

I kind of miss reading your posts.

p.s. Thank you for the upcoming video, Jason!!! :)

wjmom said...

It's official: "Oh my honk" is my new favorite phrase!

Looking forward to video... Sometime...

Dazee Dreamer said...

Dear Jason,
You are wearing your poor wife out. She needs to be pampered now. Foot massages, leg massages, back and shoulder massages. Oh hell, just do a full body massage. She will be putty in your hands.

Dear Noelle,
Don't become putty in his hands. He will try to get you to do more hiking and crap. Be a princess. Tell him you want grapes dropped in your mouth, and a big feather fan. With him as the cabana boy.

Ok, you are a nice girl. I will stop now. Just trying to get the romance going on the little vaca.

Tiffany said...

I realize that in the grand scheme of things, internet speed isn't the most important thing... it's just sooooo frustrating when it's in slow motion!!

A little empathy headed your way from Bountiful :)

Keep on having a good time reunioning and stay away from the dang bears! If it's in your picture, it's too close. I don't care how big your lens is.

Baby Sister said...

It's amazing how spoiled we've become with the internet. Considering we started with the slowest internet on the planet (dial-up) and we were all grateful for it...and now none of us will put up with internet that slow! :) Me most especially!

Joann Mannix said...

Oh honk is my new catch phrase.

And we've got a video coming with bears? I am excited and terrified at the same time.

Dear Spy Jason, I think you need to get your wife to a good internet connection, preferably somewhere that does not involve camping, (no offense), and then find her a piano and play her some more of that gorgeous music that pours out of you.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the video Noelle. Glad you are having fun. Except the download thing. Bears are scary.