Saturday, July 10, 2010

Still Reunioning

Sometimes I get homesick.

Do you think that's strange?

Sometimes I think I get heat stroke.

But I don't...not really.

We went here today:

...where the sun shone bright and hot...

(Natural Bridges National Monument)

...and we hiked to the bottom of this bridge:

On the way down I held 8 year old Camryn's hand...she was scared she would fall...and die.

When we got near the bottom she said,

"This is beautiful! I love this! It's like walking along a pathway to _______" and then she got stuck on the word.

Jason and I tried to help her.

-the arch?
-the bridge?
-the water?

And with each answer she said no.


And this was her immediate response: "Yes, if we fall it will be the pathway to heaven."

She's a funny girl that one.

We found some sand at the bottom...and the kids loved playing in it...jumping into it even.

My brother-in-law Brian started a new trend:

It's a miracle they didn't break their backs.

At one point several of the nieces and nephews started chanting Jason's name:

"Jason. Jason. Jason." (They wanted him to do a flip off of the sand cliff.)

He told them no. And when they asked why he said, "I have something to live for now."

I love that husband of mine.

So...someone left me two questions in my comment section:

-how did you get so many followers?
-how many of them consistently read your blog?

How many of you do consistently read my blog? I have not the slightest clue.

I think when I answer the first part of the question I'll tell her I begged for followers...but help me out with the second question.

Care to tell me how many of you consistently read?

Anyone? knees...they're not as young as they used to be and they want me to go in search of an ice pack. I'm happy to give in to their desire.

Good night all...


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Wow, that looks hot, but also fun! I just found your blog last week and you did noy beg me to I read every chance I get! Enjoy you Sunday.

TJ said...

you know, once i had a pet name for brian. it was the potato farmer from idaho. yeah, it's a long one. and he had one for me. something about crazy and california...:) looks like he's the crazy one now.

i read you in my reader, so i read every post. you can enable google analytics on your blog so you can see what locations and how many times you get hit. and the keywords people use that find you. and how many of your hits are direct, a link from somewhere else, or if they found you by a search engine. kind of fun to check in on.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I read your blog, every, single, time you post. Yes, you are on my reader. So yes, I stalk you.

-stephanie- said...

I consistently read you.

Boy, I bet there are some great geocaches hidden there.

Anonymous said...

Those bridges are beautiful. Scary, but beautiful.

I've been reading you every day since I found you!

I love your blog so much, I'd want to read it from the start- putting that on my to-do-list. :)

Thank Heavens for love making people sensible. For once! ;)

Anonymous said...

I could almost crown myself "Noelle's most faithful follower".

Those pictures are breath-taking!

I love the one with Jason and You.

I am wondering- how come everyone in your family has such exemplary courage??

The Insomniac said...

I just recently stumbled upon your blog through another blog and must say, I love it! I love your writing. Also...those pictures are amazing!!!! It looks so beautiful there!

Amber said...

I read your blog everyday!!

Lalis said...

I do :)

rplatt said...

I am a faithful follower

Amy said...

Also, I'm glad Jason didn't die. And whoever the crazy is that is upsidedown. I'm glad he didn't die too.

Amy said...

I read. But you already knew that. :D

Cassie said...

I look for you everyday :> Cassie

Camaree Staheli said...

I check every day to see if you have posted...EVERY DAY!

Jessica said...

I do too.

cleanin house said...

I check in almost everyday!! Thanks for being you :)

cathyjoy said...

i check in every day...dont always comment, just lurk! but i do love you!

Baby Sister said...

I read! Every day! (sometimes multiple times a day...depends on how often you post) ;)

And to answer FJR, I would NEVER do that...but I bet my crazy brothers would.

Joann Mannix said...

Hi Noelle! I'm back from vacation and when I'm not on vacation I read every one of your posts.

I know I'm constantly parading myself around as a girly girl, but the thing is, I love to hike and that just looks like the best hike. But that stunt jumping or whatever that crazy is, No. I'm glad you're having fun. Be careful. Don't succumb to any chanting of your name. That stuff looks very scary, my friend.

Anonymous said...

:D :D

At least someone here is sensible!