Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What You Find At Costco

We were smelling cantaloupe in the produce section of Costco when I saw him. I'll pause a minute while you digest the fact that I was at Costco. If we're going to be technical, it was Jason smelling the me they all smell the same. But that's not the story. The story is that I saw a guy I knew. I knew him as well as if he were my cousin...except that I couldn't place how I knew him. I could hear his voice in my head but I could not remember his name.

This is not another voicemail from Jenny kind of experience. I really didn't know Jenny...but I knew this guy...kind of. I said to Jason, "Did you see that guy?" He didn't. I thought back to all of the places where I might have met him: it wasn't at school, it wasn't at church, it wasn't at work, I certainly didn't date did I know him? I finally said to Jason, "Well, I either know him or he was in a movie I saw."

My mind stayed with the guy from the produce section until we went to check out. We were standing in line next to two guys who were talking about relationships. One guy was telling the other guy that he gave his relationship two weeks before it 'imploded'...because that's what happens to all of his relationships. I was thinking of the advice I could give him: maybe if you weren't so cocky your relationships would last longer...or maybe if you didn't spend more time on your hair than your girlfriend did...or maybe if you spent less time at the tanning salon and more see, I get myself in trouble sometimes. Obviously I wasn't too impressed with the guy, but I was enjoying the conversation.

Oh...and I do that...I listen to people's conversations if they're loud enough to hear. I don't do it to be nosey, not really. I just do it because people fascinate me.

So there I was giving telepathic advice to Mr. I Can't Maintain a Relationship when Jason interrupted:

"Do you know that guy?"

I told him I didn't.

"Well, you're looking at him like you want to date him or something."

What? Is my husband a tad bit jealous? I asked him that and he said he wasn't. "I could take him if I had to," was Jason's very macho response.

Made my heart beat a little faster to think that Jason was jealous. I explained to Jason that I just like to watch and listen and then told him all I had learned about the guy I was watching. I'm not sure that he was impressed.

As we were loading our car I said, "Dang I wish I could remember how I knew that guy."

...see Husband, my thoughts were already back with the other need to be jealous.

Fast forward 24 hours. I was on the freeway headed towards my friend's house. We were going to dinner. The face of the guy from Costco popped up in my mind and just as quickly as it did I knew who he was.

Tyson...from Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. I tried to find a picture with his shirt on (for my mom) but have you seen Survivor? No one ever wears a shirt. And that's the truth Mom.


Megan said...

I run into his about twice a month. He's all over Provo. Usually I see him at restaurants... Kinda fun

Monica said...

How cool.... I love survivor! I am a reality TV junkie, thanks to my hubby :)

Bossy Betty said...

I'm going to try smelling cantaloupe and see if I see someone famous.

Not to be a big shot but I saw Bob Eubanks in Target once.

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I am not into Survivor, but that is hilarious!

Here in LA we are always seeing people from shows and stuff, but sometimes I do not even realize who they are bc some of the girls look so different without the assistance of their make-up artist.

Dazee Dreamer said...

wow. Tyson. Not my favorite dude from survivor.

I smell the cantalopes too. you smell where the stem was, and it smells sweet, it's a good one. if it just smell like the skin, not so much.

just sayin

Anonymous said...

I burst out laughing with that last part! Noelle, you are hilarious!

Jason, don't be jealous. Every time she looks at someone else, remember the picture on the sidebar. She likes you. Really.

Baby Sister said...

Lol. You and your memory. :)

Heather said...

Oh. I wish you could have remembered and then talked to him!!!
I liked Tyson even though the rest of the family did not.
And..I am glad you found a picture with his pants on. I think he spent some time "nekky" on the show.

reedless said...

I used to home teach Tyson's family when they lived here in Lindon. Great family. Very weird to see him and the way he acted on Survivor.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Well, a true "survivor" can make it out of Costco without hitting some aisle blocking, gotnowherelesetogo, lane hog over the head with a skid of paper towels. He must be prepping for next show - Survivor Costco - Case of diapers vs. Side of Beef.

cathyjoy said...

love your eavesdropping skills!! and? i do the same thing only i can never remember what i've just heard. sucks gettin' old!

jayayceeblog said...

Oh, that is too funny! And I ask you, how can you help listening to people's conversations when they're talking loud enough to be heard??? One-sided cell phone conversations drive me nuts!