Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In The Name of Love

I've been a very sick little girl.
Did you know that when you're sick and your husband is out of town you might just lay in bed and cry?
He will be home today. 
I still don't feel very well.
Did you know that not feeling very well and seeing your husband might make you cry again?

In between my trips to the bathroom (I'll spare you the details) and curling up on the floor, I did something for my husband.
Because I love him.

Remember this?

Now it's this:

And one more little thing...if you don't mind...

Dear Jason,

Love, your wife

PS.  Think he'd notice if I sold some of his stuff?


Heather said...

I hope you get to feeling better. You did a great job on the closet.
He will be so happy that he won't notice the other thing.

Jami Balmet said...

Aaw glad he is coming home! My hubby is out of town right now too..altough thank the Lord I'm not sick :(. But great job on the closet!! That looks awesome!

wjmom said...

Dang! I wonder what you could accomplish if you WEREN'T sick? Do you paint? Just wondering...

Venassa said...

No, I dont think he'd really notice lol.
Hope you're feeling better though!

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Holy cow! NOOOOOOOOOOOO. You couldn't have done THAT! You need to get listed in the Guinness! Jason is one lucky husband! It looks BEAUTIFUL. I hope Jason likes it so much, he let's it stay that way.

About the selling- he'll never know.

And you--- EAT.

Jason-- you like you too! Come home and take care of this girl.

p.s. LET her cry. She will love you more. :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

Oh my gosh. if he even notices that you got rid of something, he is just weird.

And aren't you supposed to be going on a hike this week?

I'm voting for staying home

Amy said...

1. Yes he'd notice. Don't sell anything. Cuz his stuff is cool.
2. You should call HGTV and make them pay you to show those photos.
3. Feel better soon!

Bossy Betty said...

Hope you feel better soon!

The closet project is a great one. Now go to bed and get well!

Anonymous said...

Great job, come do mine now:> Hope you get feeling well...Cassie

Jessica said...

Whoa, good looking closet! Do you hire out?

Feel better soon!