Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nothing Important

How long have I lived in Utah?
Only my entire life.
How many times have I been to Utah Lake?
Not once that I can recall.
Last night Jason and I rode our bikes out to the lake.
And we watched the waves crash into the rocks.
And I thought, "Where have I been all my life?"
It's not the ocean to be sure...
...but it will take a good second place.

I got glasses when I was in the 6th grade.
I wore glasses until I had LASIK a few years ago.
Months after the procedure I found myself still reaching for my glasses when I woke in the morning.
Over time that stopped.
Recently I've noticed myself going through the motions of pushing my glasses up on my face.
I can't figure it out.
Maybe my eyes are out of focus...or something...

And if my eyes are out of focus it's because I'm so tired.
I had mono once.
It wasn't from kissing if you're wondering.
The doctor told me it was from too much stress.
Your first year of college should be the beginning of the best times of your life...
...mine wasn't.
I had mono for a long time, and it did a number on my body.
Maybe I have mono again...that's how tired I am.

Sometimes when I'm at work people need me to be the bad guy.
We have two divisions at my workplace: retail and wholesale.
I work in the wholesale office.
My sister manages the retail store.
She took a day off, and my mom was working in her place.
Mom called me and asked, "Can you please come up here and be the manager?"
When I asked her why she told me that someone was trying to return something without a receipt.
She didn't want to deal with it.
...makes her stomach tie in knots is what she said...
I walked up to the store and found a guy with a cart full of product we don't even sell.
"My wife bought this here and I need to return it."
I asked, "Do you have your receipt?"
He didn't.
I told him, "Sir, we don't even carry these products.  Your wife didn't buy them here."
"She told me she did."
"I'm sorry.  I can't help you."
"I'm sure she got these items at your store."
And then I told him that 1. the items didn't have our pricing on them 2. one of the products he had hadn't been packaged that way in over two years, and 3. he didn't have any proof of purchase.
He sighed a big sigh and said, "Fine" and then walked away.
Do you need me to be the bad guy for you too?

Last night there was a knock at my door.
I answered it to find a lady holding a box of baked goods.
She gave me her spiel about how her kids are in Ohio with their dad and she's trying to get enough money to fly out to Ohio at Christmas to be with them.  She had a picture of her kids on the box. 
She turned the box to the other side and showed me a picture of her broken down car that she's trying to repair.
And then she showed me her business license ... and her machine to take credit card payments ... and asked if I could spare any cash.  "I'm just trying to make an honest living," she said.
I had $4.00 cash in my wallet.  I gave it to her.  I wasn't about to give her my credit card number.
When she asked which bag of baked goods I wanted I told her to keep it, that she needed it more than I did.
I'm not sure that I believe her story, nor am I sure that I agree with her way of trying to make money...
...but if she's desperate enough to go door to door...
...and if she shows up again I'm going to ask if it was her son I gave money to last year...he had a box of baked goods too...

I got to work this morning and found two ears of corn on my desk.
Looks like my brother is sharing the wealth from his garden.
Thanks Brother.

Jason asked me when we were going to hike Mount Timpanogos this year.
I told him that hiking Mount Timpanogos was equivalent to hell.
He laughed and said, "So when are we going to hike it?"
Anyone care to join us?

I'm going to go and find a blanket and a corner and curl up for a bit.

Oh...and just because...look what I found this morning...


Dazee Dreamer said...

mono sucks. I'm so sorry. You tell Jason you can't be hiking it this year. Not good for the health.

You are so kind to have given that lady money. I'm about to put a no soliciting sign on my door.

I should have taken you to my reunion with me. Then you could have been the bad guy and wupped some butt for me.

Heather said...

That picture is great. I assume that is your brother and sister?? I love old pictures of me with my brothers.

I hope you get some rest!!

Jessica said...

The virus that causes mono never actually leaves your body. It's also the same virus that causes chronic fatigue syndrome. Maybe that's what's going on? I'm so sorry! I had mono in high school (also NOT from kissing), and it really sucks.

P.S. Do you secretly kind of like being the bad guy because you're so nice the rest of the time? I kind of get a kick out of it occasionally.

Judie said...

Credit card machines, even the knucklebusters, are not cheap to buy. Not only that, but the bank charges a fee to process them, and a monthly fee for having the service. I really do not like scams that prey on our kindness. You are a much nicer person than I am.

Sandra said...

So when you asked me to hike Timp with you, you were inviting me to hell?

Just checking.

Noelle said...

Jessica, Sadly I know all about chronic fatigue...have had it off and on ever since I had mono...blah.

Sandra, Misery loves company. :)

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for all the news and observations! The lake sounds lovely.

Love the picture!

Baby Sister said...

Dear Peach...maybe you should start wearing sunglasses everywhere you go just so you can push something up...or those fake ones that don't really have a prescription...I still feel naked without my glasses sometimes.
Did you tell Jason backpacking into Red Castle counted for like...6 times hiking to Mt. Timp? Cause I will...

Anonymous said...

You're entertaining. I like you. :)

I've had glasses too, I quit wearing them 6 months back.

I had mono too. :D (during my internship) I needed the break I got then, so it was good. :D :D

I am impressed with you playing bad guy!! VERY very cool! Pat on the back!

Baked goods lady... be grateful you landed at Noelle's doorstep and not mine!

Anonymous said...

you are so nice when you're being the bad guy.

Me, on the other hand?

sometimes really mean when i have to be the bad guy.


inspire me to be nicer.

jayayceeblog said...

Wow, there was a lot going on in that post. We owned a retail store for 8 years and I know exactly what your Mom is talking about. Those "customers" who are trying to scam you are the worst. And they always make a scene. We are hearing more and more about home invasions and door-to-door schemes. Don't answer your door to strangers anymore!!! Sweet picture!